Welcome to My Spanked Red Bottom a website dedicated to F/M Spanking Stories, Erotica, and Memories, My name is William and I’m more or less your host and master of ceremonies.   This site is intended for adults hence the 18+ warning. While much of it focuses on adult consensual F/M spanking, and other forms of submission it does however include remembrances. These are things that no doubt form the foundation of my interest in spanking and other F/M adult activities..

My Story…where the spankings began

Spanking has been a big part of my life since I can remember.   I was raised in a time when kids were spanked and it certainly something my parents in particular my mother believed in.  In fact literally my first and second memory of life is of being spanked by her for not listening.   Though it seemed that in never quite learned as having my bottom spanked was a regular form of discipline in my youth as it is now… although very different still is.

Back then rarely did a week go by when i didn’t get my bottom punished with a good old fashioned spanking at least once.  My butt was much more use to two to three spankings a week,  Embarrassingly enough for a while more often and on occasion more than once  a day.

The first spanking  I can remember is when I was about 3  (later I’ll add the link to read the remembrance) and the last one i got from mom growing up was when I was 16.  And before you ask my very last spanking of my youth was at 17 by my Dad and it was a paddling not to be forgotten (eventually I’ll add the Dented Fender Story here.). Spankings ranged from a few smacks on my bottom as I stood there on a moment’s notice when i was very young but it was much more likely that a trip over mom’s knee was what i’d get. Bare bottom having my bum whacked with her hand, hair brush, a wooden spoon and just about anything else she saw fit to put some sting in my tail and “paint my bottom red”.  Well that is until she decided I was tool old for that and then she’d whip my butt with a thick leather belt, a heavy yard stick and eventually a wooden paddle made from a 1×4.

Eventually as i got older the spankings became planned and I had to wait for my many of my punishments.  waiting was sometimes in my room, sometimes in the corner, and occasionally with others.  Hand spankings, wooden spoons, hairs brush, belts and paddles were all used on me over the years at home.

Spankings didn’t stop at home they happened at my grandparents, my aunts and uncles, a few friends houses and of course school. All of which was experienced first hand both as an observer, and a recipient.

Your stomach never knots up when you know you’re going to get it but having to wait while others get their beating and you’re lined up listening to and or seeing the swats you have coming busting their backside in the fire and pain can make anyone dread what they know is going to be bad even more.

Adult F/M Spanking and other fun

Once a naughty boy always a naughty boy and in my adult life F/M Spanking factor into my foreplay with my wife who is a very avid spanker.  Most of the spanking while hard are sexually charged, although there is occasionally a disciplinary session as well.  While our dynamic never strays from F/M our role plays do go from lover and husband with his dominant strict wife, to pure erotic teasing, to denial, to punishing my naughty bared bottom for some misdeed real or contrived.

Then there is Ma’am who is my disciplinarian.   I arrange to see her both when I need and or deserve a good hard beating,   She is able to in a few moments return me to the feeling of being that naughty boy once again and in addition to great lectures, and very painful spankings using nudity, corner time, and other types of traditional humiliations suffered by people who get spanked to ensure that her discipline is more effective. From fetching her the implement for my beating, to  being placed bare bottom after a hard paddling on a wooden chair.  A session with Ma’am is not one soon forgotten or not felt.


It almost unheard of not being marked if not bruised after a spanking.   the paddled is a common implement my bottom gets beat with but belts, hair brushes, straps and canes also figure in, as well we a good hard spanking with wooden spoons, bath brushes and other domestic household items.  Much of my kink comes from domestic spanking situations and that can be seen in my adult play and punishments as well.


Clothed Male Naked Female

There is no place to hid when you’re naked.  And there is in and of itself a surrender and submission when your partner is not only not naked but is very intentionally dressed.  It can be charged and erotic as I tend to their needs wants and desires.

However in certain ways Humiliation and Shame can also come from being exposed.  whether having my butt exposed for a spanking, to being stripped for a punishment (or funishment) session.  Observed, watched, inspected, acknowledged or ignored all can have a different effect in different situations.

Being watched is both a huge turn on or plays to mu humiliation whether it is having other see me getting the paddle and brought to the edge with a bruised bottom. Or paraded around.  This is the stuff of favorite fantasies and play events.   Knowing that it is her choice of when and where this happens and not mine.