Two Naughty Boys Spanked by a Girlfriend – F/MM Spanking Story Part 1

Two Naughty Boys Spanked by a Girlfriend

– A F/MM Spanking Story

Steve and Mark thought they had the night to themselves. After a few beers at the bar. A little dinner they went back to Steve’s house to “watch sports”. After all it was supposed to be empty as his girlfriend Melissa had gone out dancing with some friends. Never did they expect to be caught and that the two naughty boys would be spanked by a girlfriend.

Beer, snakcs and Sport in TV with the remote control in a man's hand

The game wasn’t very good. In fact it was horrible. So they began to channel surf. At first other sports channels, then some movies, and finally each began casting internet videos to the TV. For grown men they were like teenage boys showing off music videos, some blooper reels, a series of “bad lip reading videos”. They laughed hilariously. Then a few sexy videos of you women in bikinis. That is where the trouble stated and from there it began to evolve in adult content.


The lights went lower and the content got hotter. Both of the naughty boys cracked open another beer and the on screen porn evolved from sexy strip tease, to girl on girl action, to hard core gang bang videos.

A Boring Game but a Good Time

And just like you might expect one had to outdo the other. Mark decided to show off some spanking videos he “LOVED”. It made Steve a little nervous. Not that he didn’t like spanking videos. In fact he REALLY liked them. They were however something he was forbidden to watch without first obtaining permission Melissa. Instead of deftly queuing a series of other vids or speaking up he held is tongue. Then gave in and began sharing some M/F Spanking videos that were favorites.

And so the mix of videos went from nudes to hard core fucking to spanking and even some F/F BDSM stuff. Just two guys watching porn. Watching it so intently they didn’t hear Melissa come home early and disappointed that dancing had not turned out as planned as her favorite club was closed.   Her blue dress clinging to her sexy hips and stunning chest both perched above wonderfully high heels.

She took her time setting things down and planned on putting on something comfortable and watching the end of the game with the guys. Then after Mark had gone finish the day up with a good hard fuck to clear her head and give her a bit of stress relief.

That however wouldn’t be the case. Mellissa came home to see that her rules were being broken by Steve and the only thing hard was going to be the spankings she was about to give out.

Woman with her arms crossed in dis approval

Caught in the Act


Melissa lingered at the back of the room watching for several minutes and went unnoticed as the boys sipped their beers and watch porn videos on the TV. After 2 spanking videos in a row were played and the third started a school girl themed paddling video she asked “So it seems that you two like watching spankings.” Both men were startled by her voice unaware she was home or for how long.

Mark scoffed. Steve on the other hand knew he had been caught in the act of breaking a rule. He was worried about what would happen next and already knew that he was going to get a spanked red bottom from his girlfriend.   The only question was wither or not it would be a private matter. He hoped it would be. And how hard and long she decided to beat his ass as a punishment for breaking one of her rules.

Mark asked “So Mellissa do you like a good spanking?” Now it was her turn to scoff “Absolutely the harder and the redder the better. And if the spanking leaves them marked and sore for days. Those are the best kind.”

Mark being the foolish man he was missed the nuances of her statement. And assumed she liked to be spanked. A moment later she would set the record very straight and the tables on who got and who did the spanking in that house would be perfectly clear.

“Steve.   Hand me you phone please.” He quickly complied. “Thank you and now let’s see what you have been watching. And exactly how much trouble you are in.” She scrolled through his history looking at what type of videos he had been sharing.


Deciding their Fates

At first it was all good clean fun. Melissa started to wonder if Steve had been subjected to a few videos by his buddy. It wouldn’t save his butt completely because rules are rules and have to have consequences when broken. Then she saw the first few spanking videos her boyfriend had cast from his phone with Mark. Perhaps he was the instigator. If so it is a mistake that would have HARSH repercussions.

“Mark can I see your phone please.” He looked at her incredulously. “That’s ok I can see everything that goes through our WiFi anyhow.” She launched her monitoring app and pulled up his activity.   This girlfriend was going to spank two naughty boys if she had her way.


After some quick looks into who played what when Steve’s fate was decided. Now what to do about Mark.

About to be spanked by a girlfriend

“OK you naughty boys. A spanking is in order. So here’s how the spankings go in this house.” She paused the videos playing and pulled up F/M Domestic Discipline Spanking Videos favorited on one of her boyfriend’s profiles.” I was a strict hard paddling video called “Broken Rules Earn Busted Butts”.

Steve was mortified. Mark watched silently.   After playing a few more F/M Spanking videos she paused the video on a close up of a man’s deeply bruised bottom after a school style paddling. “One of you definitely has earned a punishment they will not forget anytime soon.” The she looked at Mark “And as what is to be done with you. Wait right here while I sort that out.” Mark wasn’t sure what she meant. Was she going to spank him? Unlikely. In fact he thought he simply wouldn’t allow it. Though he was both curious and a little turned on by the idea.

Mellissa set down the boys phones. Took in the sight of an embarrassed and concerned boyfriend and thought through exactly what to do about Mark. The answer was simple. She was going to treat them just like mischievous kids caught at school or a friend’s house and make a call home. If she had her way they were both going to be spanked by a girlfriend.

 Irritated girlfriend taking a call on her smart phone

The Conclusion of the Story to be published Next Friday



This story was inspired by the Two Spanking Pictures from Hard Spanking Vixens.  This is Fiction F/M Spanking story written and published as part of my Friday Fantasy requirement from my wife

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