A Wooden Spanking Paddled based on a paddle used by a high school teacher for over 30 years

Paddled by my Wife a Progressive Punishment – Part 3 Spanked with the Teachers Paddle

 Introduction to Part 3 Paddled by my Wife a Progressive Punishment

This is part three of a post about a series Domestic Discipline spankings where I was paddled by my wife for failure to keep a commitment for several weeks. It was a progressive punishment of five separate hard spankings given over three days. You can read about the first two times I was paddled by my wife in part one. Part two details a spanking with a small otk paddle over a sofa arm and then a Bedtime spanking with the Naughty Stick. Also a short read in the associated punishment journal post.


Learning My Fate

Sunday morning began much as you would expect. My bottom still hurt; a lot for the four times I had been paddled by my wife. It was bruised, marked with welts, and in a very sorry state. As I touched, prodded, and viewed it in the bathroom and bedroom mirror.


Over coffee Marci stated causally. “Your Fifth beating will be very memorable” She paused “25 swats with the Teacher’s Paddle on your bare bottom while grabbing your ankles.” She was right the last spanking punishment that had been earned would be one not soon forgotten.

5 licks with that stick bent over and bared it I hadn’t been spanked recently would be excruciating. I shuddered at the thought of how much it was going to hurt and for how long.


It wasn’t even mid-morning but rather than not knowing when I was going to be paddled by my wife as a punishment for the fifth time that weekend the scheduled time was 5:30. Not knowing is usually bad. Knowing exactly how and when on this occasion was definitely worse.



Waiting for My Spanking

The clock moved extra slow. Minutes dragged on and as much as the punishment that going to be given was nothing to look forward to having to wait for that hard of a spanking was present in every quiet moment and thought. How hard I had already been paddled by my wife again continued to be a reminder though out the day when sitting, when moving, and sometimes out of nowhere at all.


The mind twists us into so many thoughts and worries. This was going to be a punishment. It was going to without doubt be delivered without mercy. The number of swats was one often used when I was paddled by my wife for disciplinary reasons. The paddled chosen is one that I dread. It is used primarily for actual punishment not “funishment” or play.


My first punishment was grabbing my ankles but it was not on a bare bottom. This would be 10 more swats on top of all of the others spankings in less than 48 hours.   It took my headspace even deeper into both fear and true repentance.


After what seemed like weeks of waiting it was 4:00, the last 90 minutes I watched it tick by one minute at a time.

Heavy Wooden TEacher Paddle for Punishment Spankings

Spanked with the Teachers Paddle

Spanked with the Teachers Paddle


At exactly 5:30 Marci came into the room and provided instructions. Go to the bedroom upstairs and get the teachers paddle. Head to the basement and place it on the table in the room to the left of the stairs.   Close the door behind me and stand and wait for her in the center of the room.


And that is exactly what I did. Very quickly and then waited a few more dreadful minute to be paddled by my wife. I could hear her coming down the basement stairs. The door to the room opening, and then closing.


“Remove you chinos and boxers. Place them on the table next to the paddle”. I did as told folding them quickly then stepping back into the same spot.


“Tell me why you are getting spanked.” She instructed. I recounted my failure to keep a commitment and a task. Including that I had been spanked four times already as part of my punishment and commenting that was my last spanking earned for it

‘Your last spanking but not your last punishment. We will discuss the rest or your discipline after your paddling.” And with that the instruction to bend over and grab my ankles came.

Easing slowly into position, adjusting my stance, Tight legs, a sore stretched bottom my hand settled into place.   I was given minor adjustments with a guiding hand and a few comments.

“How many swats are you getting?” She asked. “25” I replied and then waited to be paddled yet by my wife yet again.

A few taps of the board on my bottom and a comment on how bruised I already was. And the first very hard sway landed. It all but took my breath away. Slowly she drew the paddle back and then waited for an eternity. Maybe 15 seconds until the pain had bloomed fully and just begun to recede and then next smack came down. Already the suffering was intense. This was as promised a punishment that would be felt for days and remembered for a long time.

I lost count in my head. Whack. Wait for what felt like an increasing eternity then another crack of the teachers paddle across my backside. Knees would bend, undoubtedly I began to clench and react more and more. Still holding position but suffering increasing pain. Somewhere along the way the feelings of true regret began to take over. They had been present the day before.

Un Expectedly Learning My Lesson

I had fought to keep them at bay but it was weighing increasingly heavily on me. My Punishment continued. There was no mercy. No holding back. Each and every swat as I was paddled by my wife during this punishment was solid, searing. And impression leaving.


Focus on holding position, waiting for the next impact, processing the pain and reason for the punishment being received. Waiting for it to be over and being both relieved and embarrassed when it was.


After being told that my punishment was over and that I could stand up. Gathering my thoughts then apologized for what had led to me having to be disciplined. Until then I had recounted why but it never even occurred to apologize.

The apology was acknowledged and appreciated



Other Consequences

As Marci had indicated there would be other punishments. The first was orgasm control for two weeks. I wasn’t allowed any orgasms for a week from the first paddling by my wife. Usually a spanking makes me want to cum. These didn’t have that effect at the time as was intended. A few days later though was a different case. She trusted me to honor this and I did.


If I wanted to orgasm the second week I had to ask for permission, Instead by the second Tuesday I asked to be caged when alone as to not give into the temptation. Choosing to deny myself until the two week mark. Which was rewarded with a few very powerful, fun and sexy releases.


My Butt was sore for days. The worst of the bruising started to fade by the first Wednesday but as I got out of the shower the following weekend Marci commented playfully “Whose been beating you?” and the proceeded to look at and provide momentary on the remaining marks and state of my sit spot in particular.   The punishment was long since over (except for the orgasm control) and we were back to our normal routines.


This entire series of events did lead to some changes that will be covered in another post.

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