A Small Oak Over the knee (OTK) Spanking paddle

Monday Spanking Memories – Part 2 Paddled by my Wife a Progressive Punishment

Introduction to Paddled by My Wife

This is part two of a post about a Domestic Discipline spankings where I would be paddled by my wife for failure to keep a commitment for several weeks. It was a progressive punishment over three days. You can read part one and also the associated punishment journal

A Flurry of Spanks

The effects of my first two punishments were there as reminders throughout the morning as we ran errands, took acre of a few other needed things and generally went about the day. Every time I’d stand, or sit, or step to far my bruised bottom reminded me that I had been paddled by my wife quite thoroughly twice in less than 24 hours. Which led to that feeling in my stomach of fear and dread knowing that I had three more dates with a paddle before the weekend was finished.


The morning lingered and made its way toward a hot sunny afternoon. Which as fate would have it would start with a hot spanked red bottom from a flurry of spanks. Compliments of one of my wife’s favorite implements; an oak OTK paddle.

A Small Oak Over the knee (OTK) Spanking paddle

Just before mid-day we would stop at a friend’s house to water her plants while she was away on vacation. I’d be asked by Marci to tend to the outside plants both potted and in the ground and she would take care of the inside ones. After completing my assignment I’d wonder into the house to find my wife waiting to give me more instructions.


Tossing me a towel. “It’s time for your next beating. Bare your bottom, Lay over the sofa arm with the towel under you.” As the pants and boxers came down I saw the small oak OTK paddle come out of her large purse. And seconds later I was in position and the sting from the paddle was raining down on my entire bottom, and upper thighs in rapid fire succession.

There would be no counting swats like when I had been paddled by my wife earlier. It was simply whack, whack, whack, as she covered my entire backside is quick crisp spanks with the small paddle.

A Little Board Meets My Bared Bottom

Lying across the arm of the couch I was paddled by my wife until my entire abused bottom was completely ablaze, bruises on top of the ones that were already there and without a pause. She once again meant business as the little oak paddled rained down on my backside until every swat made it a test of wills as to whether or not I could hold in position and take my spanking or risk making it so much worse by moving.

Eventually I began to clench and wiggle a little in place a little which only led to her spanking me with harder smacks. Placing her hand on the small of my back to hold me firmly in place and finish my punishment. Without ceremony or warning five very hard swats landed in rapid succession across my entire butt.  As I braced for more suddenly this punishment spanking was over.

My body relaxed over the sofa arm as she removed her hand and stepped back. Gasping just a little and processing the emotions and thoughts that filled my mind during the paddling. Eventually I was directed to get up and get dressed. Gingerly my boxers and then pants were pulled up. Still feeling the effects of that punishment Marci put things back into place. We left and went about the remainder of our errands for the day.


A Bedtime Spanking – Saturday Night Session with the Naughty Stick

The Naughty Stick by Caneiac

The rest of the day went on as one would expect. A little lunch, some shopping, eventually a light dinner and not a word about what had happened or what was yet to come.


Except that every time I’d sit, and sometimes when I’d move my sore bottom was a very good reminder. Marci didn’t need to remind me that I had been paddled and had two more spankings comings. My mind and my butt was doing all of that for her. As the day ended and bedtime got near I learned of my fate. I was going be given a 25 lick bedtime spanking with the naughty stick.


Every time she’d look at me I was expecting to be told to go upstairs and get ready to be paddled by my wife for the last time that day. It was torture waiting and knowing. I wanted to take my swats and be done with it. Two and half hours later as the increased dread about the imminent spanking built up She looked at me.


“Go upstairs and get ready for bed”

On went the thin pale blue cotton PJ bottoms and matching top. No other instructions were given other than to get ready for bed and the earlier comment about being spanked with the Naughty Stick.

So teeth were brushed, I located the implement for my punishment in the closet and laid it on the bed. Debating on how and where to wait for her. Should I bend over the end of the bed, go about things normally? Ultimately deciding to stand with my nose in the corner.

My Bedtime Spanking

Marci was pleased to find the Naughty Stick laid out and commented on my self-imposed corner time. She reminded me why I was getting a bed time spanking, it was because of my failure to keep a commitment. The she instructed me to leave the corner. Stand At the end of the bed. lower my PJ bottoms and bend over.   Once I was in position she adjusted my stance.

The she asked. “Tell me again why you are being spanked.” I admitted my transgression that I had failed to keep a commitment. That this was going to be the fourth of my five beatings. That I deserved and was ready for my 25 swat punishment with the Naughty Stick.

A few taps with the board as she took aim and then the first smack landed across my entire backside. Each one just over lapping the previous lick slightly. I was paddled by my wife from sit spot and up then back down and onto the tops of my thighs.

The thin maple board stung like a swarm of bees. It is light and not at all thuddy . Yet was extra painful as she applied over my already well marked bottom. Each smack was measured, timed, well placed and effective. The pain was earned and in a matter of maybe two minutes the spanking was over. The effects of being paddled by my wife for the fourth time in two days would linger. It would wake me during the night. I would examine my bottom in the bathroom mirror before turning in for the night. Then again first thing in the morning.

I was not certain if it was my imagination or not but I’d swear you could see my spanked red bottom and bruises through the light blue fabric.

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