Heavy Wooden TEacher Paddle for Punishment Spankings

Paddled by my Wife a Progressive Punishment Part 1 – Monday Spanking Memory


This is the full detailed account of a domestic discipline matter that was handled when I was paddled by my wife 5 separate times over three days. For a shorter summary see the punishment journal Progressive Paddling that I am required to create each time I am disciplined.



Why I was Paddled by my Wife


Life can get busy and sometimes unexpectedly; which is exactly what happened in March. In fact it got very busy for both of us both work and personally for a variety of reasons. As is often the case some things get set aside until later, some get put on hold indefinitely. As part of our dynamic we have some rules and basic elements of a Female Led Relationship and Domestic Discipline arrangement. In addition to due to personal circumstances and having the task of being publishing the required a Friday Fantasy post on the site I’d obtained permission for a hiatus for six weeks. I failed to obtain permission for additional weeks and as he informed me I was going to be disciplined for not resuming my duties she informed me “You did not make an effort to publish so much as a picture.”


I knew that and could not even begin to make up an excuse as to why. It was clear I was going to and deserved to be punished. Yes I expected a spanking. Perhaps even a rather hard one. But it was not until I learned I was going to be paddled by my wife 5 times over three days in addition to other yet to be named punishments.  That was exactly how much trouble I was in.


Marci made it clear that none of the sessions would be anything other than a punishment. That each and every swat would be made to count. There would be no niceties such as a warm up.  No hint of play or anything sexual at the end of any of them. I was going to be paddled by my wife, hard and that was all it was going to be. The first of her lessons would be taught at the end of the lecture and only moments from when I had been busted.

Heavy Wooden Teacher's Paddle for Punishment Spankings

Grabbing my ankles for the Teachers paddle.

“Fetch the teachers paddle and then grab your ankles.” Was the first and only instruction she’d give. Grabbing my ankles in a terrible position, it is all business and reinforced that my beating was going to be one that left an impression on more than this husband’s spanked red bottom.


Quickly getting the paddle and returning. I handed it to my wife and then immediately grabbled my ankles and waited. Of course it wasn’t going to be that easy as she adjusted my position in the room, Then my stance, then left me bent over in position waiting to be paddled by my wife for the first of 5 times that I had coming to me She reminded me once again why I was being punished. Instructed me to stay in position. Then after patting my bottom several times to make sure her aim was exactly where she wanted it the first swat landed on my jeans that provided seemingly no protection for my stretched bottom.


Without hesitation she delivered the next spank in the exact same spot with the same purposeful force. It was all business as my bottom burst into flames and each punishing lick on my backside intensified the discomfort. By the end of 15 smacks with the teachers paddle My butt had been thoroughly beaten and holding in position became a battle of will power to stay bent over offering her the perfect target to whack again.. Every swat was the same force, placement, and timing. It was strictly business as she punished me.


After keeping me in position for a few moments at the end I was sent to put the paddle away. And reminded upon my return my wife reminded me I had better be ready for the 4 more sessions with a paddle I had earned myself.


Then came the first of the non spanking punishments – Orgasm denial and control. This naughty husband would not be allowed an orgasm for the next 7 days. A lot of spankings with no orgasms would make it all the worse as for and for an additional 7 days could only cum whit Marci’s explicit permission.

The Big Boy Spanking Paddle

A Rude Awakening Bent over and Paddled Before Breakfast

Saturday would start early for a weekend and had been planned as a very full day of activities. Upon entering the kitchen It seemed that several more had been added and the first thing on the new agenda was a meeting with the Bog boy Paddle a solid evil, thick wide piece of wood. My bottom was still sore and slightly marked from when I had been paddled by my wife about 12 hours earlier. As fate would have it the first of the day’s three punishment spankings would start before coffee.


My wife had me turn a chair around, lower my shorts but leave my boxers up. Bent over hands on the chair and waiting the paddle was laid out the table top as AI looked across at Marci who was comfortably seated finishing her java. “Tell me why you are going to be spanked.” Her voice filled the room. Admitting to my failure to publish as she had required, recounting last night’s session without being asked to then informing her that I was ready when it suited her. Bent over and eyeing the board on the table waiting to be paddled by my wife.


She made me wait a good 5 minutes letting the dread and anticipation build. She rose without a word, Picked up the implement and tapped it on her open palm. Before stepping around the table taking up position behinds me.   It was going to hurt, suddenly I could feel the soreness from the paddling I took the night before. This paddle was heavier and my marked butt was all but bared. Without a word the first swat landed right on my sit spot that had been thoroughly abused the night before.


I gasped and white knuckled the chair seat trying to breathe through it. Right as the full effect of the first swat had bloomed on my butt Marci drew the paddled back again. Paused, then smacked me with the board just as hard as before. Compared to last night’s spanking this one was more measured between the strokes. My wife continued to paddle my bottom with hard swats 10 more times, Twelve hard no nonsense smacks with the big boy paddle. Each worse than the last leaving me with bullseyes on each cheek. New and old bruises blooming surrounded and intermixed with angry red skin and edges of pink. This was a punishment that would be felt throughout the day. Which was worrisome since there were three more discipline sessions where I would be paddled by my wife in the not too distant future.


She lowered my boxers and admired the effectiveness of my spanking. After which I was “given” a few minutes to “think about things”. I was placed in the corner my spanked bottom on full display. The timer on the microwave set to 15 minutes. After which we resumed our previously scheduled plans.

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