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Getting to know William 10 Question Spanking Interview

Getting to know William 10 questions Interview Volume 1

As part or our own communication and exploration Marci and i. have decided to start taking time every month or so to talk about our experiences and kink with each other. The first installment is 10 questions that  Marci asked me about why Spanked Red Bottom exists and its focus on F/M and femdom spanking. In time we may extend the interviews to friends and other spankos. It’s my hope that you get to know us a little better and enjoy our new feature “10 Question Spanking Interviews”

1) Why have you decided to create Spanked Red Bottom?

It has become harder and harder to find FM Spanking content on the web. There are a lot of sites geared towards Femdom and Dungeon settings where spanking is part of the dynamic but not to primary focus. Of course there are others that a FLR (Female Led Relationships), CFNM (Clothed Female Naked Male) and a host of chastity and denial and orgasm control sites. Yet there doesn’t seem to be many where the focus is first and for most on Female top, male bottom pure spanking dynamic.

There are several sites that focus on men who are spanked by their wives or girls friends. Yet when i look to read blogs and stories about it the sites seem few and far between. especially when it comes to being written by the spanked male perspective.

2) The site has had starts and stops before. What will be different this time?

I have expanded what will be included. Created some fictional stories series and can write one offs. To keep it going we established a publication schedule with regular “features” to keep me on schedule.

Taken the Wednesday Whacks posts and made it a weekly round up of my reading.

You task me with the Friday Fantasy posts as a way to share what has turned me on or interested me during the week with you and anyone else who happens to be reading.  It has the flexibility to be a pictures with a few lines or a complete scene lay out or fictional spanking story.

Marci “are there any you are forgetting?”

Yes every two weeks at a minimum i will be posting a “Monday Spanking Memories” post based most weeks on my own experiences being spanked growing up. and occasionally some of yours as well.

Memories and recreations or reinterpretations tie into my kink in a big way. But doing that series made me a little nervous because childhood memories  are taboo for a lot of spankos.

For me its both cathartic and a way to look at why some settings and themes may have a strong appeal to me now. So like every thing is a choice.

Then there are the punishment journals you assigned me and the full write up of those sessions.

3) What else would you like to add to the that you haven’t yet and why not?

It might be nice to turn Wednesday Whacks into a meme where others submit their own writing, pictures and work from their sites. Then do a top 3 or 5 round up of those.

I have gone back and forth on adding some more original pictures. Maybe even the occasional spanking video with me in it.  Not a clips store or anything like that. Though what wife spanks has done is pretty cool.

4) When did you start looking at spanking porn?

The first magazine i bought in an adult book store at 18 was a spanking and fetish one. Actually it was more like six of them and everyone was spanking and BDSM oriented.

Marci – What about on line?
Back in the mid nineties when everyone had aol it took me about 3 days to be brave enough to start looking for that type of content. A few hours a dew nights a week would be spent surfing and reading, hoping to find a few hot pictures. Online video wasn’t even a dream back then. young people can’t begin imagine how exciting it was to down load a low res spanking picture in under 5 minutes.

5) How has it influenced what you watch, look at and read today?

There is so much on line and so many sites but only a small subset that work for me. Personal blogs are great whether fiction or real life.  Not a lot of men seem to write so it may be a bit of a niche.

Tumblr is non stop perving that can take you in any direction.  Twitter has recently seen an influx of spanking producers putting up really great sample clips. mostly female models getting spanked.  I like watching a really good spanking no matter the gender mix.

6) What is your favorite spanking video site?

Real spankings & Real Spankings Institute. (inserted the blurbs about those sites for anyone not familiar with them)

7) Neither of those are Female Spanker and Male Spankee. So why are they your favorites?

The spankings are as the name implies real. That alone makes them awesome. The settings and reasons for the girl getting paddled, strapped, or whatever are timeless reasons for being spanked. There isn’t sexual overtones its punishment and discipline that feels genuine and intense. like a real paddling has. its not porn level no intensity fore play. They models are red if not marked and bruised and that really works for me.

Marci “We use spanking as foreplay. that seems to work for you?”

Oh yes it does but in a different way than a punishment or pure spanking scene.  A different headspace.

8) What is the difference to you between a Female Top Male bottom spanking site and a Femdom site?

It’s been hinted at but the focus and setting. a bedroom or kitchen, s classroom, office, or being taken to the hall way and paddled seems to have a very different feel than being put over a spanking bench and tied down or cuffed to a cross in a dungeon.

Also the spanking is the main focus. no one gets off, other elements are ok as part of that.

Marci – “We play with other elements of kink that have been written about, CFNM, edging, and some toys.”

Yes we certainly do. and we have regular plain old sex too and all of it is a lot of fun.  The CFNM does or can tie into my spanking headspace. It ties into feeling exposed. A step further than having your bottom bared, it takes away the ability to hide both physical arousal and how you tense up while taking your licks.

There is also the shame and humiliation aspect of it.  it is one thing to be nude it is another to have to be naked as part of a spanking. Punishment or otherwise a dressed person has an implied power or authority over the naked one.

So i’ll write about those other things and enjoy them but the main focus here will always be spanking.

9) You recently shared a response from a “curious cat” question with me from the spanking model Alex Reynolds about her thoughts about people masturbating to her work. How do you feel about people who get turned on by your stuff?

If they like the stories, round ups, or even the punishment journal stuff and its turns them on then great. if is sparks their curiosity to try something new with another consenting adult, leads to a conversation about fantasies or desires with their partners even better.

10) Currently most of the pictures on the site are from other sites and not of you.  Mentioning that is something that may be changed. Do you have plans to do that?

Certainly I’d like to add more original everything to the site and pictures really would be great. We began this week in the Monday Spankings Memories this week which was a start the how and incorporating some of the few we have comes the challenge of the how and what and when that remains a challenge. Since we really don’t take pictures as part of our sessions it would have to be something new we added. Or something I did as a before and after a spanking kind of thing. That isn’t what makes a good FM spanking picture for me.


Maybe a few staged photos or setting up a video camera and pulling stills from it will be something worth trying.

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