CFNM Paddled on the Couch

Naked and Paddled on the Couch CFNM

Paddled on the Couch

She had him strip completely naked, keeling on the couch waiting for Miss to get her favorite paddle to beat his bottom with.  Soon his white bottom went from white to pink to an angry red.  He stayed in position. Kneeling naked and  in place. A familiar place. Paddled on the couch until he was told he could move only after Miss had finished his punishment.


CFNM Paddled on the Couch
Today’s inspired by this picture from Lina’s House of Discipline

Miss admonished him between the first few swats. About how naughty boys were not allowed any modesty. How bad boys who get caught get paddled very soundly on the bare until they and their bottoms are both very sore and sorry. He agreed with her respectfully taking the punishment he had earned silently except for the wooded paddle hitting his bottom at a consistent tempo and force.


Then Miss took them time to give him ten extra hard licks. In ordered to remind him that punishment spankings don not get a warm up of any type. Asking him. “Tell me why you are being paddled” He replied “Because my chores were not complete when you arrived.”

She paused and then swatted his bottom 10 more times in hard quick and cruel succession to make sure he understood this point. “Exactly. And when that happens you will always get a spanking. No exceptions.”


Intently watching the paddle mark his bottom

Miss took a great interest in how every swat landed on his bottom. She sat down next to him as he knelt naked and was paddled some more. His arms resting on the back of the couch, butt burning and her smiling ever so slightly at each swat and his growing discomfort.


Working from his sit spot to the mid-point on his butt and back down again. She beat his bottom until he began to mark, And then some extra to make sure he would still be sore later that night.  Then just a little bit more.  And a lot harder to ensure as he served her breakfast naked the next morning she could see little reminders as he walked to and fro. As well as when she would beat his cute little ass gain then sit him on a hard wooden chair to “Think” about why he needed disciplined again.


For the moment thought she would just sit there and admire the effect of each swat as she used her favorite paddle as he knelt on the couch taking his punishment like a very good boy. Not that that would earn him any mercy.

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