Wednesday Whacks Spanking Story Round Up Week 13

Wednesday Whacks Week 13 And this weeks spanking story and video round up is dedicated to the feared and loved to be hated cane.  Our fist selection is from 2013 but seems fitting as so many have new years resolutions that end up unfulfilled. Tuesday on the Scale Is a quick recounting of a Monday spanking from his wife and very effective and mark making caning for his lack of progress

I Want a Spanking

I Want a Spanking the A disciplined Boyfriend expresses his desire for a different type of spanking than is his girlfriend’s usual style. Instead of no warm up he muses on how he would like to spanked on occasion but ends with loving that their relationship is FLR and wouldn’t change that.

A Few Good Cane Strokes

A Few Good Cane Strokes begins with the 16th stoke of his caning and shows 20 well placed and forceful cane stroked over his bare bottom. You can see it redden and glow as he takes each lick she delivers stoically and then thanks her for it without hesitation.

Maintenance Spanking –

Maintenance Spankings bring to mind the fact that many spanking bottoms want and need a regular spanking to as the term implies “maintain” their expected level of behavior. I this video we find a girlfriend doing just that for her finance who gets his bare bottom beat with the paddle and then earns extra cane strokes. By the looks of things she takes making sure he is not lacking a proper maintenance spanking and shouldn’t need one again anytime too soon.

Maintenance Spanking keeps on the topic explored above of a Man who needs a maintenance spanking to keep things as they are supposed to be with his girlfriend or wife.

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