A thick brown leather belt used for spanking

A Belt Whoop’ing from Mom

A Belt Whoop’ing from Mom

A Belt Whoopin from mom spanking memory

The Belt was most often given pants down on the underwear or right straight on a bare butt. It always left you red and welted. The problem with the belt was with Dad it was always right within reach. With mom though she had to go one rest assured if she decided to give you a belt whoop’in it was going to be the meanest one she could find.


“Wait right here and get ready young man. I am gonna whip your bottom bright red with Daddy’s belt until you can’t sit down.” Was a promise she made good on when you heard it. Mom never hesitated to spank you when she thought it was deserved, paddle you when you earned it but with a belt in her hand she’s make sure to whip out butts until we were in tears every single time.

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