Wooden Paddle with holes fro NH Paddline

Wednesday Whacks Spanking Round Up Week 12

It’s Week 12 of Wednesday Whacks Spanking Round Up and this week is a collection of stories, pictures, and a few videos for you to enjoy

Wooden Paddle with holes fro NH Paddline

Even though M/M spanking isn’t my thing The first entry is from one of my favorite tumblr blogs NH Paddling.

Fermdom in a black corset wearing a pink strap on Husband bajed and wearing a locked cock cage

Ok not a spanking pic but another great find for those so inclined. Him in Chasity and locked up tight, her with a strap on both standing side by side is intriguing and allows you to make your own assumptions and the story to go with it.
Femdom in a dorrway A sexy blonde



One last Tumblr BLog give us a Femdom in a door way.  A look to admire and lust for

Disciplined Hubby shares the embarrassing experience of letting others in on his relationship dynamic. A fact his wife later uses to inform him of an upcoming
Husband Paddled is a domestic discipline punishment featuring a good long and effective bare bottom paddling with a disciplinary tone and an CFNM added in dynamic. The lecture as she spanks away at his reddening bottom is delicious as well as her change in force and application of the paddle to her naughty boy’s backside as the punishment continues.

Self Spanking 3 While not most spanko’s choice of options many o us either have or have considered Self spanking. Male Self Spanking Video shows a nice self administered paddling.

Ion keeping with the theme above not all men who want to be paddled by a female are lucky enough to have one at the moment. From the blog “Our Bottoms Burn” picks up on the reluctance and reaction some in the spanking community have to this less popular dynamic.

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