Black and Blue Friday a F/M Spanking Story

Black Friday can be a stressful day for anyone. Shoppers, people with house guests. In Bobby’s case his stress was caused by some bare bottom corner time before a spanking. Standing there with his pants and boxers lowered, nose in the corner, and his marked and sore bottom from the previous two days and three painful punishments that were very thorough. Each time his girlfriend spanking him had had a different intensity and purpose but with the same result.

A red marked and sore bottom, a sense of shame, a little humiliation at having to be spanked for his behavior. With all the holiday stress a lot of there would women spanking bad boys over their knee in a lot of places. It just so happened that Bobby was in his den and his girlfriend Erin was about to make good on delivering on her promise of a fourth spanking in less than two full days. Ensuring Bobby was going to have a very memorable and lasting Black and Blue Friday.

Bare Bottom Corner Time before a Spanking

Sitting on the sofa she watched as he stood there. His bare butt on display and showing shades of purple and blue across his well punished bottom. But it was no time to spare the proverbial rod. She had promised her boyfriend a spanking and he was going to get it. In fact even more than the paddling the day before he was going to get it good.   Today’s spanking was because of the “compromising pictures” she had seen of him while away at school with other girls.


Bobby stood there and wondered if this new development in their relationship was going to last. Two days he was sure he could sweet talk her and literally charm the pants off her like always. Now though it seemed as though he was the one without pants and only because he was getting his butt spanked like a naughty child by his girlfriend.


“OK young man. It’s time for you to get what you have earned. Please come over here.” Erin stated very decisively. Bobby made his way towards her, pants still around his knees and falling lower and lower with each pathetic step towards his girlfriend who sat waiting for him on the sofa. Her long blue jean clad legs away from the base and her own cute and unspanked bottom seated solidly on the edge of the cushion. She was well positioned to deliver Bobby’s next bare bottom punishment. Not before he was told why he was getting spanked by his girlfriend.


He stood next to her, looking her in the eye and awaiting instructions. Erin picked up her phone and showed him a series of saved pictures and captured screenshots. All of them depicting as she would explain some type of behavior that had hurt her, feelings, caused her concern for their relationships, and questioning what else may have happened with those other girls that was not shared.


Bobby tried to explain when she paused but if was of no use. “These pictures hurt me, and our relationship” She replied. “And now I am going to make sure your hurt for doing that with a spanking you will not soon forget.“ Bobby stood there like the naughty boy about to be spanked he realized he was and accepted he needed to be punished.   His girlfriend made it very clear that by the time she was done spanking him his bottom would be black and blue like never before. Sitting comfortably would not be an option for a very long time.

Paying for his Misdeeds with Pain

She took him across her knee. Again his size dwarfing her but there was no warm up. This was a punishment and the very first smack with a hair brush she pulled from her purse was landed on his marked and bruised sit spot from the previous days two paddings he had received from her. She worked cacross his entire bare bottom, each smack timed perfectly with the one before it, solid, sound and measured her hair brush landed on his reddening bare butt. He lectured continued, explaining exactly why he was given bare bottom corner time before his spanking. “Why are you Getting Your Bare Butt Beat with a hair brush by your girlfriend?” Each word was accentuated with two hard smacks. Ering paused to let Bobby answer.


When he did, she thought of the pictures again and how they made her feel. Without a word her hand and hairbrush became a relentless source of pain raining down one swat after the next until he was truly squirming. This was the point in any good punishment where the lesson was learned and reinforced. She took the matter to heart and continued on without respite looking for the spots that were the most marked and beating them with more and more conviction. So much so he pulled free from her grasp and almost fell to the floor.

Girlfriend Spanking Her Boyfrined bent over a sofa with a bath brush
Picture Courtesy of Lina’s House of Discipline and the “Paying for It” SFM Spanking Scene

Erin just kept going paddling her boyfriend without a pause. And then when he came to rest she on the floor she stopped.   “If you cannot stay in position and take your entire spanking like a big boy Do you know what happens?” She asked. Before he could answer “then the lesson you are being taught is about to get MUCH more painful. Stand up, bend over the end of the sofa and have your beat red butt in position and ready for a harsh beating when I get back”.

Without ceremony. Erin stood up and left. Bobby silently stood, forced himself to move into position. Catching a glimpse of he backside in a mirror he could see the welts raising, the bruises blooming, and the red giving way to a truly beat black and blue spanked bottom.

He swallowed hard as he bent over the arm of the sofa in the den knowing his girlfriend had made good on every spanking she had promised him and that the worst of today’s was undoubtedly left to come. With a deep and resigned breath he let his torso melt into the cushions, the arm into his hips cock pointing downward along the side visible between his spread legs.

A Bruising Bare Bottom Beating with the Bath Brush

Erin entered the room. A solid wooden bath brush in her hand. A fact she announced sternly to her boyfriend as she stepped up behind him and began to whack his bottom with it until he was marked and bruised like never before. Each swat made her feel a little better and forget a little more about the pictures he had taken with those other girls. Each whimper of his made her even more resolved to ensure this was a spanking he would never forget. And a few cries of pain ensured that the lesson was being soundly and firmly applied to more than just his butt. And when she finished he remained in place laying over the sofa. His bottom colored red and black and blue. With some lovely bulls eyes from the bath brush his girlfriend had snaked him with.


While much of the world was out shopping and looking for holiday deals. Erin was watching Bobby deal with the aftermath of his punishment as he gingerly dressed himself. Then she sat him on a hard wooden chair for 30 minutes before concluding their talk.   For stores it was one thing but for her boyfriend who had earned every swat of his spanking it was a Black and Blue Friday…and the black and blue bottom would last well into next week. She had made absolutely sure of that.

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