Wednesday Whacks Week 11 Spanking Story and Video Round Up

Hard to believe but this is the 11th installment of the Wednesday Whacks Spanking Story and Video Round up. This week we’ll begin with two videos that are truly Wank Worthy.


The “First Paddle and Ginger” found on Spanking Tube shows a real life FM spanking couple at play. Sure the internet is full of videos few capture the mind and imagination like these two did. Starting with his write up that the video was made because of fan/viewers questions and requests. From the setup of the implements, lube and ginger carved into a butt plug presented on a pillow centered on the bed in the first seconds of the video. And how they both moved into position hiding their faces was cute and relatable but so was the way she made sure his cock that was positioned pointing down between his thighs got a little loving attention along the way. A caress here and there and even a little oral action as she dove in a sucked on it just enough to be a true tease and torment.


Then ether are other parts of the video that made is very unique. As she paddled him she flipped the implement using the handle to spank him more accurately. Which led to having him arch his back and hold his cheeks spread so she could also spank those delicate spots knowing that moments later she would further torment them by figging his bottom with a good fresh piece of ginger. Part of the charm of this video is the playful nature of the spanking as well as the fact not everything went as planned with the ginger slipping out at one point and needing reinserted into his pink bottom. It culminated with the holding the plug in place in his ass as she paddled him a little more. No doubt causing him to tense up around it and making things burn a little more.


The Second is a MF Spanking video from Assume the Position Studios as is said in the video “a good old fashioned paddling will do you some good.” If you are at all into fantasy schoolgirl spankings this one is hot. From her beautiful round bottom getting swatted with the paddle and going from white, to pink to light red., The naughty schoolgirl’s purrs, yelps, and murmurs each time the paddle landed made it even hotter. Her all too short skirt blowing with the breeze created each time the wooden paddle met her bare bottom (not a cure pink thong was worn , so nit a true panties down punishment) Not heavy play but a good and arousing fantasy piece for those of us into this kind of spanking setting and play.

Have a great week1

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