Mahogany Kitchen Chair

Grab the Chair Spanked by Mom

Grab the Chair

Grab the Chait a phrase heard by mom that meant you were going to be spanked then and there


Grab the chair was a phrase we heard when we knew that one or several of us was going to be spanked by mom. Right then and there in the kitchen for whatever naughty behavior, or violation of the rules she warranted needed immediate correction. No waiting, no debate or pleading your case.

It also was something that being spanked by Mom changed over the years. When we were younger we’d be taken over her knee for a whoop’in.  Getting our butts spanked as she held us in place during our spanking. Then mom would put us and our red bottoms in the corner after she was done.

As we got older, around school age. Those on the spot in the kitchen spankings by mom with a wooden spoon or whatever was handy at the moment became a mix of over her knee and being told to grab the chair.

Something that at first led to giving her more reasons like letting go, moving out of the way of one of her smacks, and any of a million other things. All were reasons to spank you harder, longer, or as often seemed to be the case both. We learned it was best to take your spankings from mom and dad the best you could. Any resistance or defiance was met even more punishment.

Some of us learned that the hard way, sometime though you couldn’t help yourself, or were in a bratty and defiant mood. When spanked by Mom that was not ever tolerated and pants and sometimes underwear would be yanked down without warning. Getting it on your bare butt let everyone know you had been especially bad. The amount of sting increased greatly. So did the lecture about if and when that happened.

As you grew more it grabbing the chair when being spanked by mom meant bending over and holding on. In time those type were of spanking were less and less frequent and the paddle and belt were used instead of whatever was at hand.

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