Woman in stockings and lingerie holding a large wooden paddle

The Cane and the Paddle

Happy Friday!  The week’s Fantasy fuel should set you up for a spanking good weekend. The First Video is a Femdom spanking preview from Hard Spanking Vixens and The second a wife paddling andpanking her Husband.

A Femdom Spanking

features a CFNM scene with w cane wielding stern lady in a sexy uniform and a very naughty man stripped completely naked and bent over a spanking horse to take his licks across his bare bottom. Plus a bonus can stroke for standing without permission.

Over the Sofa and Spanked OTK

The Second is a real bonus and a treat. An Amateur Wife paddling her husband video. H+e is bent over the sofa and given several swats with a very heavy wooden paddle. Then is taken OTK, his boxers pulled down and given a good bare bottom hand spanking by his wife. Before being sent to the corner.


In addition to the action there are small touches that make this great. n his back holding him down over the sofa to make sure her took all of the paddle swats she planned on delivering. The fact pulls up her husband’s boxers and preserves his modesty before sending the corner.

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