Get Ready for your beating

Monday Spanking Memories Get Ready for your Beating

We would all tremble when dad told us to “Get ready for your beating”. You just hoped that your name didn’t proceed that phase. If it did you were expected to go to your room immediately and sit quietly until your time came. Since I shared a room with my step sister sometimes I sat there alone waiting to be spanked, others she was on her bed waiting to be punished as well.
Sometimes the wait was a few minutes other times up to an hour. Sometimes he came in with the paddle or belt in hand and you got your beating there in the bedroom. Other times you were sent to another part of the house. Once in a great while he would bellow for you to come down. There would be a lecture and reminder of why you were being spanked. You would have to repeat back and acknowledge those reasons. Then into the position you were told and finally after all the waiting you were finally really ready for your beating to begin.

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