Get Ready for your Beating - Bedroom setting

Monday Spanking Memory Get Ready for Your Beating

Monday Spanking Memories – from Marci “Get Ready for your Beating”

Monday Spanking Memories Get Ready for your Beating


Get Ready for Your Beating


We would all tremble when dad told us to “Get ready for your beating”. It wasn’t infrequent but it was never something you wanted to hear. In fact you just hoped that your name didn’t proceed that phase. “Marci Get Ready for your Beating” meant without any further explanation that I was being sent to my room. It was expected that I would answer “Yes sir”. Then any of us kids named immediately would head to our rooms where you sat quietly until your time came. Of course thinking about what we had done to misbehave and knowing what was coming was going to leave us with sore red bottoms at the very least.

Since I shared a room with my step sister for years sometimes I sat there alone waiting to be spanked, others she was on her bed waiting to be punished as well. As I got older I was sent there less often as one would expect. Yet would be in there reading or doing homework when she was about to be paddled. Quietly I would enjoy those times. Taking pleasure in her discomfort, quiet protests, and vacillating as she waited her turn. After all my step sister was the reason countless times I was sent to get ready for beating over the years.


Waiting in Your Room

The wait could be a few minutes. Other times up to an hour. The longer the waits didn’t mean anything more serious although the thought that you were going to get a harder beating because of it still drifted into your head. Sometimes Dad came in with a board or belt in hand in hand. If so you got your beating there in the bedroom. Other times you were sent on what seemed a long torturous walk to another part of the house. Once in a great while he would bellow for you to come down. Everyone already knew you were getting spanked, but that still seemed to make it so much worse and embarrassing.

There was always lecture. Reminding you of why you were having your butt beat. Dad believed in having you acknowledge those reason verbally. You would have to repeat back the reasons and apologize for misbehaving. Then into the position you were told and finally after all the waiting you were finally really ready for your beating to begin.

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