Claire FOndda Paddles a Naughty Man's Bare bottom

Friday Spanking Fantasy Paddled Before Company

Friday Spanking Fantasy Paddled Before Company

Everything but the dining room table was in place and ready to go. It was then that my wife decided to inform her husband  would be paddled before company came over for the evening.

No warning, warm up, or reason. She just decided that in order for her husband to be well behaved when their guests were there and not carry on too much a good hard paddling on his bare bottom would set the tone. Putting him into his place before he got out of line.

In no time at all she had him bent over with his elbows on the dining room table and his jeans and underwear down baring an unmarked bottom. His wife wasted no time making sure he was soundly paddled before company arrived. Drawing the paddle back and making the very first swat make an impression on him.

Claire FOndda Paddles a Naughty Man's Bare bottom
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Her choice was a plain wooden board wide enough to cover a good part of his bottom with each swat. Holes drilled in it just to make sure it was a little something extra.   He took his spanking without protest and even as the burn in his bottom built up with each solid swat stayed exactly as he was. Not wanting to tempt a longer and harder spanking from his wife.


Or worse yet a second punishment paddling from her after company left. Knowing that if he needed disciplined again for any reason she would make certain he truly regretted it and that the beating his poor bottom would taker wasn’t just a reminder.


He didn’t count the swats. Gratefully he didn’t have to as one landed right after the other and the entire spanking was no more than a minute from when he bent over and was bared for her until he was told to get dressed and set the table. The effects of the paddle were felt throughout the night and even more so when he sat down, a little gingerly if you watched closely.


At times he sat quietly and his mind drifted to the thought that not all that long ago he was being spanked at the very table they were sitting around.


It was a fun evening for all and at the end of it his wife mused ho well behaved he was and whether on not he should always be paddled before company arrived.

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