Stripped and Caned Friday Fantasy

Sexy Wife in a short skirt and ATank leads her husband by the ear to the bedroom for a caning
Today’s Friday Fantasy picture comes from Vixen Spanking

She has already fetched the cane and there is no doubt his girlfriend is going make sure he really learns his lesson.  It may have been in mind from the very beginning.  The thought that his girlfriend was going to have to have him stripped and caned harshly.  After stripping him and spanking his bare bottom over, with out any prompting informed that a trip to the bedroom and a long painful session with the cane would impress her point.


Leading him by the ear made him feel so naught.  It instantly put him into a submissive mindset. This was not longer a sexy game with her short skirt and long legs to distract him.  Instead he was going to be marched up the stairs with his red bottom on display. The cane at ready in her other hand.


Upon Reaching the bedroom

Moments later he found himself bent over the bed, the cane tapping on her bare and exposed bottom. Just waiting for his sexy girlfriend to start his beating and stripe his ass with her thick evil cane.  It would set his bottom on fire and leave him welted and marked for days.   But those trophy’s had to be earned. He would feel every last fiery stroke on his flesh in order to do so. He was stripped and caned. She left him marked and just a few licks short of beginning to pleased for mercy. Then her finger began to trace the line on his well spanked ass.

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