Latte for Dinner SPanking Memories

Late for Dinner – Spanking Memories

Late for Dinner – Spanking Memories

Latte for Dinner SPanking Memories


When it comes to spanking memories and a known punishment for an action being late for a family meal was something that got always immediate attention, and not the good kind. The round paddle would be put to use your bare butt right there in the kitchen until your entire backside had been painted bright red while everyone at the table could at least hear if not see you being punished. It didn’t matter if there were friends or guests over. Late to dinner meant immediate licks without exception.

After which you would have to sit through the meal not eating before being sent to your room for early bedtime. It was three punishments for the lack of respect she felt is showed. There was no favoritism and no exception other than advance notice or the over rune of an organized activity. AS a result of this policy it was very rare to be late for a meal and on many occasions I raced home after losing track of time to hopefully get back soon enough to avoid being paddled.  Something that every so often than not wasn’t the case.

Of curse sometimes you were simply having too much fun and wanted to finish and would risk the punishment and sometimes although not very often it was better than being spanked more severely for not eating what was on your plate.  That was a calculated risk as was learned the hard way.


Disclaimer: We do not endorse the spanking of children, Consent is required with in our kink and should only be  practiced between safe, sane, and  consenting adults. That said in this series I have chosen to write about my own spanking experiences from childhood understanding that they were not sexual in any way. For some people this can be a trigger, for me it is an acceptance of my past and the role it plays in who I am.


The picture used in the collage is from Lina’s house of Discipline

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