A Trip to the SHops with Mom was never safe from a spanking

Trip to the Shops _ Spanking Memories

A Trip to the shops


A Trip to the SHops with Mom was never safe from a spanking


When it comes to recalling spanking memories it goes without saying that a trip to the shops with Mom was NEVER without the risk of being spanked for anything she might interpret as misbehaving. Sometimes it was just a series of spanks on the bum with her hand right then and there. Though on many memorable occasions I was marched to the ladies lounge and taken across her knee more serious spanking.  One that always left you with a red butt and in tears. In part of the pain but also from the embarrassment of being spanked while other ladies and their children came and went.


Ladies lounges in department stores at the time had those lovely couches and seating area’s outside the area with the toilets. On several occasions I found myself getting my butt beat for any variety of offenses, not listening, hiding in the racks, back talking and most memorably and by far the worst time was for refusing to hold her purse when asked.


I was too nearly too old to be in the lounge by then, but no where near too old to go over her knee for a whoop’in I’ll never forget.  Mom always meant business when she spanked but when there was a chance of another seeing or hearing it she was even harder on us.  As a good Christian woman no one could ever accuse her of sparing the rod and spoiling the child.,


Disclaimer: We do not endorse the spanking of children, Consent is required with in our kink and should only be  practiced between safe, sane, and  consenting adults. That said in this series I have chosen to write about my own spanking experiences from childhood understanding that they were NOT sexual in any way. For some people this can be a trigger, for me it is an acceptance of my past and the role it plays in who I am.

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