Wednesday Whacks Weekly Spanking Story Round Up Week 5

Well five weeks in a row is a new record for me.  So it’s time again for Wednesday Whacks spanking story round up and this week it’s a mixed bag of topics with no specific theme other than spanking.


How to Administer a Good Spanking from Ms. Kay at the Femdom Diary offers a thoughtful piece on the how, why and along with other elements of F/M spanking including aftercare and possible emotional reactions to the scene. It’s one of those that is a good reminder for those of us who have been in the spanking scene for a while and a decent primer on the mental aspects of a spanking wether giving or better yet receiving.

The The Naughty Room   finds us in a childhood setting with a new student at a day care.  it is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea but sometimes remembering where our first spanking curiosities came from can be a fine thing for those of us so inclined to do so. Whether we all stayed out of the naughty room or no t on our journeys.

The Future Part 1  a F/M Spanking Story about female supremacy in FLR relationship during its early days.

In Naked Adrenaline isn’t a spanking story but it is a photoshop version of CFNM and the turn on and humiliation that being naked in front of clothed dominant females can deliver. .

Wank Worthy Picture is an angry blonde girlfriend beating her boyfriends bare bottom from Women who Punish.



Blonde Beating her Boyfriends from Women who Punish

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