Pastel and Pineapple Sorority Padlle

Thursday A Pre and Post Meal Paddling

Thursday  A Pre and Post Meal Paddling


Bobby arrived at Erin’s house earlier than he was told to. Maybe learning his lesson about respect from his trip over her knee last night and maybe because he was still hoping to make the most a what could possibly be a few minutes alone with her for a proper welcome home.


She was waiting at the door “the house is empty so hustle up to my room” Bobby was sure his intuition was correct at this point. Sure she had said he had more spanking coming, but being a horny male sex was never really out of the question in his mind. He bounded playfully up the stairs.  And Erin followed him although her plan was very different.


When Bobby entered, the light was on, the shades were drawn and there were a few boxes of things Erin had already shipped back from school in preparation for a spring graduation.  She closed the door behind her. And immediately instructed her boyfriend to to stand by  the chair, bare his bottom and then bend over and prepare himself for his beating.


After the night before he knew she was serious and while not nearly as eager as when he first went across her lap last night moved into position, undid his belt, button fly and lowered his jeans and boxers before bending over and grabbing the seat of the chair firmly.  She began her lecture for why he was being paddled.  This time it was for for his social media exploits that could someday cost him in his post college life. And as the lecture continued he saw her remove her pastel sorority paddle from one of the open boxes that had been sent home.


One tap on his bare butt during which she admired the faint bruises from his spanking the night before. Then without a word or warning crack the paddle came down. Stayed in place for a second and then was reapplied a little harder, a pause as his bottom burst into flames and sting. A third swat was applied with even more force and it seemed she had in her own mind found the right intensity to paddle her boyfriend’s ass. Which she did with 7 more impression making swats.


Bobby had taken a very hard paddling and was relieved when she stopped and told him to “compose himself” so they would not be late for dinner.  He quickly redressed and she casually tossed the paddle on the bed.  He looked at it realizing that the pretty pastel piece of wood had literally just been used to punish his bare butt.


“Don’t worry. I’m not done with you and you’ll be getting a much harder and longer beating again later tonight.”  a phrase that kept echoing in his head on the drive across town to Thanksgiving dinner.  He also remembered them everytime his girlfriend looked at him like he was getting close to the line and irritating her. And of course when he sat down as his butt had been bruised from being paddled and his sit spot was still blushing varying shades of red.


All in all it was a nice holiday but he had that sinking feeling of knowing he was going to be punished later. Even if only one other person at the party did. The young couple were among the first to leave. So with the festivities and napping after a large holiday meal still in full swing Bobby drove back across town knowing that in about 30 minutes his pants would be pulled down and his girlfriend would be spanking his bottom again with her sorority paddle. Traffic was light and saved him 5 minutes of worry.  As she unlocked the front door.  “You know what to do. So get ready for you’re spanking and I’ll be up in just a few minutes.” This time she seemed in the holiday spirit as she said it with a bit of excitement in her voice.


Bobby quickly went up the stairs, to her room. Closed the door, bared his still sore and marked bottom and bent back over the chair. A few minutes later the door opened and a mixed feeling of relief that it was his girlfriend who had entered and not some other random family member


No words, she just picked up the paddle and began to spank him with it.  Each swat landed, lingered, his already marked butt exploded with a new rush of pain and then she repeated the process as methodically and identically as the one before it.   No counting, no promised number of pops to his backside.  She paddled him until she could see him struggling to hold in position and then increased the pace as he danced in place, his knees buckled and gasps hissed with each new spank.


Bobby’s entire backside was a deep dark red.  Bruises a lovely shade of purple began to bloom but not a second of mercy, a softening or the promise of an ending as he fought and fought to stay in place because moving or letting go of the seat of the chair was surely going to only get him paddled longer and harder. Finally his punishment ended.   And he was left bent over gasping and struggling to collect his own thoughts.


As for Erin she was very satisfied with her work and thought perhaps that Bobby was beginning to learn his lesson.  Though she had every intention of putting him through his paces and spanking his abused bottom as much as needed over the next three days to change his behavior and make him into the boyfriend she wanted.

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