Mal Submissive Cartoon with his face in his girlsfriends crotch while humping her leg

Friday Fantasy – Desperation and Humiliation

This cartoon came rolling into to my tumblr feed a few weeks back and instantly caught my attention.  There was a sense of desperation and humiliation to it that really turned me on.  So much so I hadn’t even noticed the included caption the first several times I viewed it.  Instead I saw her standing over him in lingerie, breasts on display, she was sexy and over him and he was naked and doing as he was told.  His face pressed into her pussy to pleasure her, while kneeling hands bound and forced to find his only gratification in thrusting his hard cock between her boots.  Urgently finding his own release before she denies it to him. The power of his orgasms even though a drawing whispered to me that he had been edged before now, perhaps even in chasity.

Mal Submissive Cartoon with his face in his girlsfriends crotch while humping her leg



The second a gif. caught my eye a little while later.  I have a high heels and stocking fetish   Watching his cock pumping through her calves let the imagination run wild.  IN a way it is clothed female naked male, her dress pulled back and up just out of view, her eyes holding his and giving instructions of how fact to pump his needy cock between her claves. admonishing him not to cum even as she increases the friction by squeezing tighter.   Holding his gaze and telling him how he will be punished for cumming without of permission, and how much crueler that punishment will be if he gets so much  as a drop of jizz on her stocking or heels when he is finally allowed to explode.  Still he thrusts away, naked, kneeling before her, hands bound, stealing glances at her bared pussy, at her tempting breasts, speeding up and slowing down as ordered all the while waiting desperate and humiliated but needing ever so badly to be allowed to cum

Naked Male Marurbating by thrusting his coclk between his girlfriend's calves

this one maybe he’s had a large plug put in his spanked red bottom, and after providing his dome with orgasms and releases she requited he is allowed, to find his own at her feet.  The plug filling him, his ass cheeks still stinging.  Her voice telling him he should be grate that he’s being allowed any pleasure at all, that he is lucky to be allowed to fuck her ankle to cum and fulfill his dirty little needs.

With each pump his ass squeezes tighter around the plug, this pace quickens, she pinches his nipples and he orgasms powerfully from everything that led up to that point, being stripped in front of her, spanked and having his ass spread and plugged for her amusement and his discomfort then being allowed to kneel and use her ankles and heels get him self off like the bad boy that he is while she watches.

Jerking off using girlfriend nkles


The missing part and something I’ve not found a picture of (yet) is the same type of scenario but with the Male sub kneeling behind his Mistress, worshipping her ass as he humps her calves of ankles.


Friday Fantasy:

My Friday Fantasy post is always based on a picture I have found on the web that has caused me to linger and have a bit of a fantasy about the setting, the event, the reaction or whatever. They may or may not be things I actually want to experience but they do serve as a weekly task I have from my wife to share something “naughty” that turned me on before every weekend.

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