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Wednesday Whacks Weekly Spanking Story Round Up Week 3

Looks like we all made to another Wednesday and welcome to my Weekly Spanking Stories Round Up. Hopefully you are sitting comfortably…or maybe not so comfortably (my butt is rather sore, a story for another time) in front of our devices. Last week we did a domestic settings theme and this week will be a theme week again in all of our recommendations and readings. Sure being spanked can be one thin but there is an entirely different dynamic if you are being punished with others.


Thoughts like is it worst to be the first or the last, are you lined up and in position waiting for the paddle to land on your exposed bottom, are you standing in the corner listening to others et their beatings. Maybe you are sobbing from yours and trying not to be noticed while others get spanked for fear of getting it again.


No matter the setting, at home school, spanking party or else where there is nothing quite like being spanked with others.


Our First Link required a trigger warning since it is to a 2009 News Week Story on the use of punishment in a public school.  While I usually focus on consensual spankings, fiction and fantasy there is no doubt that being lined up and paddled at home or at school is where the roots of the kink took place for some of us.


This Week’s Wank Worthy picture are from Vixen Ladies and feature a CFNM F/MM scene with both the cane and a paddle.


 Facing the wall, hands extended and your bottom pushed out just a little as the paddle rains downF/MM Spanking from a sexy spanker for two red bottomer males who are bein spanked together

Facing the wall we find two naughty boys and their red bottoms being whacked with a paddle, oh it has holes in it. More sting, more speed more force will make them think twice before finding themselves back in this situation.

F/MM Caning Scene as a clothed female beats two naked males with a thin cane

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