Bent over and bared for the board

Paddled by My Wife for Not Publishing

Saturday morning started off with a crack, or a series of them as the case maybe on my bare butt for failure to complete on of my assigned tasks. IN this case publishing a “Friday Fantasy Post” on the site.  A fact my wife made me aware of as soon as I was awake. And a few moments later she intended to correct the matter rather than letting it linger.


Out from under the warm blankets found my first to do was fetching the hickory paddle from the closest and presenting it to her.  It’s not the widest or the heaviest paddle we own but it does tend to make an impression and sting like a swarm of bees. I was reminded of my failure to post and told that is why i was going to be spanked before even thinking about doing anything else that morning.


She had me me stand facing the wall along the closet, slipped out from under the covers, unceremoniously pulled down my pajamas bottoms.exposing my warm flesh to the cool morning air and then had me bend over at the waist with my hands out in front of me.


For a second I wanted to reason with her, I had written the post but not published it.  But telling your wife you did most of what you were supposed to but not all of it wouldn’t make the spanking any less intense,  The failure was not publishing it. Whether any of iut had been done or not wouldn’t matter.

Nothing else was said and after a minor adjustment in my position that was guided by her hands the next sound was her picking up the paddle of the night stand. One light tap to aim is against my bared bottom and then she drew the paddled back and landed her first hard swat.  And then the next.  I counted silently in my head as each landed, lingered for a split second and then was reapplied as the next swat landed with the same force and position as the previous perfectly on my sit spot.


She didn’t stop at 10, and kept on without a break, a word or any change at all as she paddled me my bottom hurt more and more and I could tell by 15 I would be marked from my beating, by 20 I was struggling to hold myself in place.  For a moment I thought about daring to break position, but remained stoic and took my punishment for my failed task.  Based on everything so far the last thing I wanted to do was earn more swats than she had in mind,


At 25 she stopped and asked. “Tell me why are you being paddled this morning?”My answer was obvious I failed to Publish the Friday Fantasy Post which is a task you require of me.   “And when will it be done.   She had me, it was done but with all of the activity around the holiday I simply hadn’t scheduled it. Offering with in a few minutes being allowed on line.


That raised an eyebrow.  And moments later I would be downstairs sitting on the hard wooden kitchen chairs showing her exactly how done it was.   Still she gave me until Monday to publish it, along with my Punishment Journal and then until later in the week to finish this post.


In fact she liked the story and saw an irony I was sitting at a kitchen table on a spanked red bum showing my wife a story I forgot to publish about a girlfriend spanking her boyfriend at a kitchen table.  As she assigned other tasks for me to complete.


“Maybe I should beat you some more with a spoon and a spatula” She offered.  This time a playfulness in her voice.  No doubt somewhere in the future that very scene will get played out.


You can read my Punishment Journal Entry (about this same spanking but told more as a matter of record) for this spanking and also the story A Painful Holiday Reunion that had been forgotten to be published.

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