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A Painful Holiday Reunion A F/M Spanking Story

Erin and Bobby had been together since high school and remained more or less a couple though their first three years in college.  Sure there were tense moments and uncertain times as go with being young adults and a long distance relationship.  Still with the end of their next to last semester approaching both were flying home for Thanksgiving and had agreed to spend some “quality” time together talking about recent challenges. Bobby didn’t know it yet but if they were going to be continuing on as a couple he would be getting spanked by his girlfriend.


Wednesday Night – Arrival And Reunion

Erin’s flight landed first. She sat there waiting for Bobby’s who like everything else that involved him lately was predictably unpredictable and late.  Her mind was made up they were going to have a very serious conversation at the first opportunity. Only after which would she know for sure if they had any future together.


Bobby’s flight landed a mere 15 minutes late and Erin had been sitting just past his gate. Her mood reserved as he went up to greet her.  Bobby being a 22 year old had a plan too involving his girlfriend at the first opportunity, but it certainly wasn’t talking.  After a hug and kiss hello they made their way to the rideshare pickup area through the throngs of other travelers.  Finally through the madness of the traffic their car arrived. “We need to talk” Erin said in an ominous tone.


The Talk

The ride was silent except for small talk with the Lyft driver as they made their way. Through the congestion and few miles away from the airport to her father’s company where her car sat parked and waiting under the light by the front door.  Moments later the couple were alone in the car. She started in on Bobby right away, not nagging, not complaining but lecturing him on his behavior this past term.  About drunken phone calls, in appropriate social media posts, and pictures of him in some compromising looking positions with other girls.  At first he tried to blow it off, then to redirect her but it was clear that Erin had taken issue with a number of things and that their relationship was in  the balance.

Arriving at her sister’s Bobby expected the opportunity to be social, and charming and turn the tables on Erin’s issues.  Instead of a house filled with people it turned into coffee at the kitchen table with two oblivious cats in an otherwise empty house where the “talk” turned” very serious and took an unexpected turn.

“So basically you’re saying I’ve been nothing but trouble since the end of summer” Bobby stated plainly. And his girlfriend indicated he had not only been disrespectful but also dangerous with his behaviour to himself and his future. Foolish tweets and posts, his pictures, and parties and rants. Then she hit him with the ultimatum. Things needed to change, and change now. He didn’t want to lose her. And when his girlfriend suggested spanking him as a punishment for his behaviour. He wasn’t sure if this was a set up as a sex game she had secretly wanted to try or if she was serious.

Consequences Means His Girlfriend Spanking Him

“So if I want to stay with you I need to apologize and let you spank me when I misbehave like a bad little boy” before she even answered he had already decided that his girlfriend spanking him was something he would let happen.  How bad could it be? He’d been spanked plenty of times before, and it had to lead to sex, or make up sex at least right? Bobby told himself.

A girlfiend spanking her boyfirend bare bottom OTK

Bobby agreed and Erin started things in Motion right away “Fine mister, walked into the kitchen and picked a wooden spoon and slotted flat spatula from their place on the counter.  Headed back to the table and adjusted her chair.   He was instructed to stand next to her. Then lectured very sternly by Erin on exactly why his girlfriend spanking his bottom was going to happen.  He felt a little embarrassed by her lecture  and a little turned on by the idea.

As she began to unbuckle his belt his a little turned on became more turned on and it was starting to show, when she unbuttoned his jeans that evidence of his arousal grew and then she pulled down his pants and his boxers it was clear exactly how turned on this young man was at the idea of his girlfriend spanking him.

“Oh so you think this is going to be fun” Erin said.  “Well It’s not going to be at all and I am going to beat your bad little bottom so hard you or your hard little friend there won’t think so either.  She roughly grabbed the head of his bulging cock. “Now get over my knee and settle in for a very painful lesson to start off our holiday.

He went over her knee, his size dwarfing her but that didn’t seem to matter one little bit.


The very first smack meant business and she continued to spank his bottom with very hard smacks until he was red and stinging and barely missing a beat she reached for the wooden spoon and applied it far harder than her hand.  She was very, very serious about making her point and lectured him like a naughty little boy as she punished his butt with the spoon applying it to his upper thighs as well before trading the wooden spoon for the slotted flat spatula which hurt in an entirely new way ands she beat his butt to an even darker shade of crimson all while admonishing him for his behaviour.


Bobby took it it well and her words had as much effect on him as the spanking, though it was the combination that made it sink in, and made him understand how childish he had been and that this was an effective lesson.  Eventually his punishment ended.  The contrite and well punished young man was allowed up off of Erin’s lap.  He stood there for a moment reflecting on the events . Before being told to pull up his pants and given instructions to take her home.  And when to pick her up tomorrow.


Later that night with his butt still warm and sore bobby was back at his home. He couldn’t help but think about the spanking his girlfriend had given him.  How much even after the thought of it turned him on. So much so that he would relieve himself twice by mastubating before going to bed. Not exactly how he had planned on cumming, but that was before his girlfriend spanking him became part of what would be a painful holiday reunion.


Author’s Note: Girlfriend’s aren’t the only ones who give spankings.  My weekly tasks now require me to publish picture every Friday and I failed to put this out on time.   You can read my Punishment Journal and a longer account of my Saturday morning spanking in Paddled for Not Publishing.

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