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Punishment Journal Entry Two – Failure to Publish Paddle Punishment

Punishment Journal Entry Two –

Why i was Punished/spanked: Failure to Publish a Friday Fantasy story as required weekly task.

What was Spanked with: The Hickory Stick Teachers Paddle

Positions: Bent over with hands on the wall with my pajamas pulled down,

Thoughts About My Punishment:

The holiday had gotten the better of me and I hadn’t completed and published my fantasy story as required by my wife. So first thing Saturday morning before even leaving the bedroom I was disciplined for it. It was explained to me why she wants me to share these thoughts with her and publish them every week.

The paddling was all business as I faced the wall she pulled down my bottoms, put me into to position and then delivered all 25 swats in a measured and very hard manner, After which I had to show her my draft post, was told to go finish it and publish it first thing Monday.

I was also assigned to make it a multi part story, reminded to write this journal and that I am expected to publish a full account of my punishment in more detail by this Thursday

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