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Wednesday Whacks Weekly Spanking Story Round Up Week 2

Hello everyone and welcome back to Wednesday Whacks Weekly Spanking Story Round Up  and this installment is Week 2 for November 22nd 2017 and we find ourselves on Thanksgiving Eve here in the United States.   So this week with the holiday stress we have a theme of domestic spankings in family situations.  After all growing up there was no doubt someone was in to misbehave and get spanked at extended family functions. It really was just a matter of who and by whom and if they “got it” then and there or had to wait to get home for their punishment.  Or maybe in some cases both.


Since the theme is family settings and spankings my first spanking memory is my “vintage pick for the week of my own posts. It is the true account of the very first spanking I can remember getting from my mom.  I’m certain it’s not literally the first but the first two spankings I remember.


A Holiday Spanking a fantasy FFF/M spanking story finds a husband spanked by his wife in front of her friend and others for interrupting her. It is complete with embarrassing the Husband, spanking him in front of on lookers and of course baring his bottom.


In “Carol Punishes Barry” a wife and her “sister spank and punish a naughty husband for his behavior the previous weekend.



Wank Worthy Photo Sets

This week’s First photo set features a F/f setting from Momma Spankings in Quinn’s Attitude Adjustment. Holidays can push everyone to their edge and in this case Quinn’s Mother has had enough and takes her over her knee for a very long over due hand and hairbrush spanking.

Qujinn Is Told by her mom she ios going to get her very first spanking

Of course Mom wants to make sure Quinn is learning her lesson, and that means her jean have to come down .

A Mother lowers her daughters jean to intensify the spanking

Then to make sure the lesson has really been learned Mom takes a hair brush to her bare bottom. Just to make sure the span king leaves a lasting impression on Quinn and her attitude. Mom Applies a hard dose of the hairbrush to her daughter's bare bottom

And since it’s a holiday (And I had a little extra Time) here’s a second photo feature F/m Spanking feature from Lina’s House of Discipline. I am sure that more than one naughty boy will have his Aunt baring his bottom this holiday weekend and this one means business as you can tell by the beautiful impact picture of her paddle on his red bottom.

Aunt Spanked her nephews bare butt with a wooden paddle

After all if the spanking isn’t hard enough or embarrassing enough then it is hardly going to et the desired results as most spanking Aunts know and many bad boys have learned.  This one included!

xxCFNM Aunt Paddles her nephew for unruly behviour

A Sexy Female Aunt who takes a thick leather strap to her nephews bare butt in order to teach him to behave and that he is not too old to be severely spanked.CFNM Aunt Spankin her nephew with a thick leather strap

With his boxers at his feet and change in pace and implement he finds himself again repositioned for even harder licks with her leather strap on his bright red bottom.

CFNM Aunt Straps a Nude Male's ass


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