Naked Male Kneeling infront of his wife with a full erection prior to being spanked by her

Ready to be Spanked

Naked Male Kneeling infront of his wife with a full erection prior to being spanked by her
Note this picture is not of me although it certainly turned me on. If you are the copyright holder and would like it linked to you or removed let us know.

He is ready to be spanked by his wife.  Stripped down completely naked, kneeling between her feet as she eyes him with carnal intent.  After his spanking there will be other wonderful pleasures. He will with a glowing spanked ass providing her with several orgasms before being allowed to have his own.  One that is already building, The excitement of both are completely obvious as his cock is already shamelessly standing at the ready. He is ready for his spanking from his wife, ready to go over her knee and feel the sting of her hand on his bare bottom until it hurts in earnest and is warmed to a blushing shade of red.


And with each swat his erect cock will move ever so deliciously across her lap . or maybe if its a special night it will be pinned between her lovely thighs.  Soon she’ll beat him with her hair brush, slow spanked solid swats that.  Each spank of the wood across his flesh fills the room with sharp sound to go with the sharp pain.   She takes her time and covers every inch of his backside, and some of this upper thighs.


And as his bottom start to mark, as the pain begin to send endorphins through his veins, her hand presses him more firmly into her lap, teasing his even harder cock, and as she spanks she begins to tell him about how she expects him to pleasure her.  And before it gets to be entirely too much, gets him too close to his own orgasm. During this little spanking game that is fore play between a husband and his playfully stern wife. She stops.


Are you ready to be spanked? She asks. His reply “Yes Ma’am I am ready to be spanked.  And with that she kisses him and then guides him over her knee so the actual spanking can begin.


Friday Fantasy:

My Friday Fantasy post is always based on a picture I have found on the web that has caused me to linger and have a bit of a fantasy about the setting, the event, the reaction or whatever. They may or may not be things I actually want to experience but they do serve as a weekly task I have from my wife to share something “naughty” that turned me on before every weekend.

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