Ouch leather spanking strap from Cane-IAC

Naughty Boy and His Punishments

After arriving back in town I went to straight to seem Ma’am for a session.   It included a confession, bare bottom otk spanking with her hand and a hair brush and then a good long strapping bent over her desk with a version of the strap pictured above.   More details to follow on this session which was treated as a punishment for this naughty boy in another post shortly.


Arriving home Marci was waiting for me and my torment was going to continue all but immediately as shew waited for me in the family room.   I was told to strip down to my boxers and the show her my butt so she could see how “well” I was spanked. A few swats with her hand and some commentary on naughty boys needing to be punished was told to remover my underwear and lay it inside out, front side up between her feet. She watched closely sitting comfortable in shorts and a t shirt and I stood before her.


My next instruction was to kneel between her feet and then masturbate while telling her about my spanking from Ma’am. It felt like a second confession and strange at the same time. Her final instruction before I came was to make sure to cum onto my boxers laying in front of me. Which of course was exactly what was done. Then was told to clean myself up with them as well before turning them indie out and putting them back on.


Doing as I was told my butt still pink from Ma’am’s beating earlier led to an even more powerful orgasm. Spankings almost always have that effect on me.. That night until the following morning would be spent with the cotton of my boxers stuck to my skin in parts with globs my own cum as punishment for being such a horny and naught boy.

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