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On Cam Hotel Tug Job- Wednesday – Week of Wanks


An unexpected overnight trip came up at the last minute for work.  Which presented a challenge for our rules of my wife telling me when and how to masturbate. Normally face time is spent for faces but tonight it was a quick hotel room on camera tug job to fill that gap and meet the requirements.

We travel on occasion for work (as well as fun). Usually calling or texting from the hotel to let the other know we’ve arrived safely and are in for the night. Tonight being tired decided to text from the check in line.   “Facetime me when you get to your room.”. Was the reply. It had been a long busy day and the week’s theme had drifted from my mind.

So getting into the room and logging on to Wifi after a quick set of hello’s was told “Don’t think you’re getting out of jerking off for me tonight”  Then was instructed to set the phone down, put in my blue tooth,  get a few tissues from the bathroom and get to work.

After a quick trip to grab the tissues and some adjustment to the direction of the camera my wife instructed me to get my cock out and jerk off for her.   She wanted to see nothing more than torso to thighs and me on an angle so she could see both the tip as I came and the length as I tugged off on the cam for her.

Shirt untucked, belt unbuckled, pants unzipped I pulled my cock and balls pulled unceremoniously out over the waistband of my boxers and stroked myself hard,  I could see her gaze on the screen as I looked down and she watched me work to get an erection, then adding spit as lube as I tugged on my erect cock, I’m not used to getting to orgams four days in a row and I had to keep adding more saliva to balance the need to not rub myself raw with the need for friction to cum.

My wife began to talk and her voice echoed in my ear, about my spanking the night before, how I was such a naughty boy and needed to have my butt beat harder next time.  Finally with her help and the new versions of fantasies in my mind with a rapid and ragged pace the first spurt of cum shot out, i barely grabbed tissue in time, then two more diminishing pulses followed.

After milking out all I could I showed her the tissue and done was done. She disconnected the call and I was left alone, with a hand full of jizz in a tissue, a fleeting erection and pants that had fallen to mid thighs.

So a quick clean up, change of clothes and write up of this post was in order then off to bed.

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