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Monday Morning Shower Time Pick Me Up – Week of Wanks

Week of Wanks = Monday Morning Shower Time Pick Me Up

The one place i have has masturbated the most is undoubtedly the shower.  It goes back to my earliest wanking and remains a regular place for such self pleasure both morning and evening.

The privacy, uninterrupted time alone, the lubrication the water provides, and of course the noise of the falling water to help cover my activity and subtle or sometimes not so subtle moans of delight upon orgasm have made it a wonderful place to jerk off.

Back when masturbating was a secret and felt shameful it was about the only place i was all but guaranteed to not get caught. Something that for years would have been mortifying, not that it stopped me from experimenting elsewhere when relatively sure i was alone.

Of course all of that changed. While shame, embarrassment, and humiliation do factor into my kinks so do exhibitionism, and being watched knowingly and not.

Its early on day two of my week of wanking in celebration of May which is of course  Masturbation Month. My wife is up showered dressed for work and all but ready to go. I am just getting into the shower post workout when she walks back into the master bathroom and heads my direction.  I hear her but pay little attention when i see her standing casually by the wall watching me through the clear glass shower door.

“Show me your bottom”  so i turn and do. “Unmarked…we’ll see how long that lasts. No request for a Monday morning release.  Maybe you got to cum too much this weekend.”  it was a fair statement as most Monday’s I do ask for permission to cum one last time before starting what can be hectic low sexually focused work days.

“I’m going to stand here and watch you jerk off in the shower like the dirty needy boy you are.”  Darn what a hot series of things were put into my brain in just a few seconds.  Thoughts of spankings, the weekend sex and play time, then add in old feelings about the shame of mastubation and being watched.

It didn’t take much to get me going and within a few seconds had stroked myself hard. Stealing a glance at her watching me then with eyes closed retreated into the fantasies and thoughts that always take me to the edge a few minutes later with butt clenched and legs quivering i shot my load into the warm shower water and towards the drain. Like so many times before when no one was there to see me, habit had taken over.

Only upon looking over and seeing her grinning back at me did i become self conscious of what i had done. Rather than putting on a show she saw me jerking off in earnest, like i do alone. It suddenly felt as if i had been caught, certainly i blushed and embarrassed looked away from her eyes.

With only a grin but no words she left me there to finish washing up and head off to work. All while wondering what our discussion about the shower time pick me up might be later.

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