Mutual Masturbation – Week of Wanks

Week Of Wanks Sunday – Mutual Masturbation.


May is Masturbation Month and this year we have decided to a week long celebration with daily mastubation for seven straight days using varying scenes and settings to keep it interesting.

The usual rules apply and that is that i need permission from my wife to masturbate, she still has control over my orgasms. This the difference is that for the next seven days denial and chastity won’t be an option. instead the challenge will be to cum when and where she tells me to. Perhaps multiple times a day.

Of course each day will have its own post (or maybe posts).  Like everything else in life some will be long and some will be short but hopefully you’ll enjoy reading about it as much as i did masturbating.

Sunday – Mutual Mastubation

The entire idea for the week started over wine in the late afternoon sunshine.  As my wife and i talked through a number of things conversation turned from household this and that to blogs, articles, and some recent tumblr posts.

Somewhere into our second glass of vino i commented that it would be great to have a sexy and fun filled week sometime soon.  Thinking mostly about a week away in mid July. Marci offered that since may is mastubation month we ahould take advantage of it and with that talked through the idea, the guidelines, each of our expectations and goals.  In addition to the parts covered in the intro she was allowed to mastubate at will with out telling me or allowing me to watch.

I was allowed to ask to jerk off but she had to grant me permission and would require me to allow her to watch anytime I stimulated myself if she wanted to. I would not be allowed any penetration of her during this week (so much for no denial).

A little while later after retreating inside.we headed to the bedroom. Our first adventure in this would be a mutual mastubation seasion. I stripped and stroked myself hard while she laid out a few toys for herself.

My job was to watch her and keep myself erect as she pleasured herself first with her fingers, then with a large bullet vibe on her clit then with a large didldo thruatingbin and out of her pussy furiously as i “helped” upon her request as i rubbed her clit with one hand and kept a steady slow simulating stroke on my cock with the other. She rode through waves of orgasms with each device and satiated was given my next instructions.

I was to kneel next to her on the bed, she adjusted my position a few times until i was just where sje wanted me. She would edge me once. Cruelly i might add. Then i was to edge myself a second time. Which i did but not daring to get as close as last time.  Finally after that tease it was time for my release and she wanted me to cum on her hard flat stomach.

As i got close to my orgasm, kneeling next to her sprawled out body she clicked the bullet on its lowest setting then placed it lightly along base on the back of my balls.

Everything tensed, holding on in that pre orgasmic feeling a few extra seconds before a powerful 4 wave orgasm escaped my cock and onto her as an audible moan escaped my mouth..

Selfishly milking every drop out of my cock and onto her.  After cleaning up and wiping off she would reward my performance with another one of her own. Stralling me in reverse and watching her ass and pussy quiver a foot from my face as she took a wand vibrator to herself for a short eternity…just long enough to leave her panting in exhaustion and my dick hard and hungry.

A need that went unacknowledged and unfulfilled. Which was not unexpected.

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