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Punishment Journal Entry One – 20 Paddle Swat Punishment

Punishment Journal Entry One – 20 Paddle Swat Punishment

Why i was Punished/spanked: Failure to complete household tasks. In particular unloading the dishwasher before bed after being reminded to do so.

What was Spanked with: The Big Boy Paddle which is a 3/4″ Thick 4 inch Wide Oak Paddle.

Positions: Bare bottom Hands on knees for 12 swats and grabbing ankles for 10 sways

Thoughts About My Punishment:

It was stated that it would be a punishment and was conducted as such. From beginning to end. The choice of positions reinforced that knowing they were the ones used on me for discipline elsewhere. (Growing up and at School). The use of a heavy paddle also reinforced that.

While told before during and after why i was being punished she avoided words such as a naughty and nad bad that are turn ons during play spankings. She was all business and paddled me very hard. The change from hands on knees to grabbing ankles halfway through was a good way to make sure i couldn’t just settle in and bear the spanking.  In fact at times bent over like that and taking such hard licks made me wonder if i could in fact take my beating and obey her by staying in position.

Which i did all but once and that failure was rewarded with two exceptionally hard bonus swats with the paddle back in the hands on my knees position.

In addition to this Punishment Journal entry I have written up the details of my spanking an a full length post.

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