20 Paddle Swat Punishment from My Wife

20 Paddle Swats Punishment

My wife Marci decided that i not only needed a spanking but that a good hard series of paddle swats on my bare bottom as a punishment was in order.

Now ma’am is my usual disciplinarian but that doesn’t preclude my wife from giving me a good beating when she thinks it’s needed. Soon enough i learned this paddling would take place on my bare bottom  with no warm up and she would be using the “big boy” paddle; a 5 inch wide ½ inch thick mean board.

Once she decided it was right down to business. Within a few minutes of being informed i was going to be punished she showed up in the den with the evil paddle in hand. I was instructed to stand up, move the the middle of the room, bare my bottom and to bend over with my hands on my knees.

I knew she was serious, it would hurt and my butt would have deep bruises. Still it was turn on to hear her instructions despite what was coming.

Quickly doing as told she stepped up. Gave my white unmarked butt a few taps with the paddle to adjust her position and aim. Then landed a very solid swat with the heavy board that bust my rear end into flames. Two more followed with little slaps between them. Both as hard as the first.

“twenty-five percent on the way there.”

The break served as a reminder of what was still to come and to let those swats settle in. The fire, throbbing and pain in full bloom.

I acknowledged her with a “Yes ma’am.”

After a few moments she stepped back up and tapped the paddle across my marked and glowing red butt. The first time  she had done so i could feel the cool wood and the weight of the board.  This time it was how sore i already was as the taps felt anything but gentle.

The sixth swat landed and lingered. Seven through ten did as well. All just as hard as the first. Each driving me more and more into the head space of just obey and hold on.

At 10 she paused again and lectured me about completing household chores on time and properly.

“Grab your ankles” my stomach tensed my bruised ass stretched as i reached down. This was going to be a very thorough punishment.

With my marked and already sore bottom stretched my mind raced on exactly how hard she was going to beat me. The taps aligning her swing indicated there would be no getting off easy. Each one used to to hone her position and swing a little more solid than the last.

The eleventh swat landed low on my butt. 12 made me gasp. 13 my knees buckled just a little. 15 i took in stride. 16  i let go.

Just a little but was caught “that will be two extra” my wife said as i grabbed my ankles firmly again.

Seventeen was harder but i held on, knees bent, bottom no doubt red and purple with bulls eyes starting show.

Eighteen- still six to go and not a hint of mercy.

Nineteen – gasping and panicked my mind and body were at their limits.

Twenty = was as near as full force as i could imagine. She was ensuring there was not any pleasure to be gained from this spanking.

“Two more” she said. “Hands back on your knees” the first penalty swat landed and i could all but hear a slow motion echo of the wood on my bare bottom before the sensation it caused raced to my brain.

As it registered there is was again the final swat struck my butt.

She left me in position for a few minutes then took me by the ear led me with my pants still down to the kitchen table.  Where i was sat on a hard wooden chair and told from now on punishment spankings from my wife would conclude with me writing a punishment journal with a minimum of 250 words.



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