Edging Practice 3 times in 20 minutes = edging and denial

Edging Practice 3 times in 20 minutes = edging and denial.

It was a weeknight but Marci had let me know with a text she planned to “have a little play time” with me that night. No other hints or clues. Just a promise of play time.

As the evening wore on the instruction came to head to the bedroom, strip naked, and wait for her. So typical no hint if what was next but no sooner than i did as told ahe came in. Immediately heading to a chair and taking a seat.

So our games began, with me still not knowing what the plan was.  Turns out i was going ro practice edging myself under her watchful eye.

The first part of my task was to steoke myself good and hard but to be sure not to get overly turned on. I would have to keep myself at that heightened state until she was satisfied before being allowed to edge the first time.

After a few minutes maybe 3 or 4 i was allowed to edge myself and was to tell her when i was close tl cumming.

“Hold it for a few more strokes, don’t disappointment me” was her advice.

I held on for another 5=6 long and languid tugs on my cock stopping on the edge of allowing an orgasm to take hold.

Then after her indulging in a few pictures of my hard cock and some additional in person admiring i was given 10 minutes “thinking time” facing the wall with my hands on my head and feet spread wide.  After a long day and a hard workout at the gym this proved to be more physically demanding than expected.

When the buzzer went off i was given a few playful smacks with her hand on my bottom and told to make myself hard for her again. She sat and watched still in her work clothes and i stood there completely naked stroking my cock. CFNM works for us as you may know.

This time she talked to me as i edged. Encouraging me to get closer, that she trusted me to stop but only just before i’d cum.  It worked as i got so close my body tensed and my mind fought back my release. Honestly i had never edged myself so close to an orgasm and been able to hold it.

Unlike the first time i could feel it starting up my shaft. I was one stroke, one wrong thought, on split second loss of will power away from failing to have only edged.

My reward was 10 more minutes of “thinking time” with her looking on this time positioned standing with my feet together and my hands at my sides but forbidden to move.

Boy did i have some thoughts not the least of which was about literally not being able to edge myself any closer than i just had. And also wondering how long i would have to practice. There was also the terrible thought i might be denied an orgasm when she was done and locked into chastity. That thought really sucked.

After the 10 minutes were up i was instructed to go back by her. After some advice on exactly where to stand and to be sure to be sideways between her knees so she could see the length on my dick as is edged myself for her again.

This time it was a play by play with instructions; “Grip harder but stroke ypur coxk slower”, “now barely touch yourself, make it last”, and occasional requests for input including “tell me how badly you’d like to cum.”

Finally getting as close as i dared my edge was found. Much further than my first attempt that night but not as perilously close as the second time. I stopped, stood and witied for instruction. She moved in closer after a pause, god I could literally feel her breath on my hard and well teased cock. Which i’m sure she knew and intended!

“You can cum.” and before i could think to do anything  she put a towel in my hand and took an overhand grip on my cock, thumb toward the base, fingers curled tightly and jerked me off all but instantly into an amazing and powerful orgasm. Cum came out in huge waves as i exploded into the towel.

No doubt she will change things up if we do this again but so far edging practice was pretty fun. It was a CFNM setting, played to my being put on display and watched kinks and ended with a great orgasm

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