Mile High Forced Masturbation

Mile High Masturbation

We were on a nearly 4 hour flight to see friends and not 30 minutes in the seat belt sign went off, All but instantly my wife leaned over “take this, go to the restroom and jerk off.” . As you may know I had been locked in a cock cage for the previous 10 days as a chastity portion of my punishment for mastubation without her permission. You can read about my other punishments for this offense.  Now it seemed that I was going to be forced to mastubate for her. Which of course kind of turns me on.

i slipped the small make up type bag into my pocket and made my way to the bathroom at the back of the jet.

It has been a fantasy to have sex on an airplane since i can remember. Somehow being forced to go and masturbate was never part of that.

Locking the door behind me, double checking that is was locked a second and third time. Only then did I remove the small vinyl bag she handed me.  In it was a small baggie of lube, a wet wipe and a note that explained i was to milk every drop of my cum into the lube baggie. Seal it and take it back to my wife.

Unzipping my pants, lowering my boxers and getting right to work my half hard cock all but begging for my hand.  My intention was to build up slow, enjoy the thoughts of being told to go and wank then prove my willingness to obey to her.

But not more than 30 seconds in I was tugging away fast and hard at my cock. My balls ached and my orgasm began to linger. A minute or two in it was easy to tell it wouldn’t be much longer.  I was determined to hold out for 20 more strokes of my own hand. Yet i didn’t slow or lessen my grip. At 15 it was unbearable, my ass clenched, my every thought on the number left, the need to hold out and how intense it would feel.

Ten days of teasing, of denial, of punishments. At number 20 the feeling at the base of my shaft was pulsing, waiting to break loose.  At 22 past my goal it was almost too much.

At 23 jerks on my cock from when I started counting everything exploded. My orgasm wave after wave shot into the open baggie and as the powerful parts resided i did indeed milk every drop I could from the base of my dick to the tip.

Wow was that an orgasm. My breath heavy and ragged.   Finally sealing things, cleaning off, redressing.  While not officially a member of the mile high club i had cum at thirty seven thousand feet.   So it kind of counts.

I made my way back to the seat. Slipped her the little striped bag that bore her initial  and its hidden contents with a boastful and mischievous grin.

She smiled and went back to her book.  60 minutes later while lost in my own thoughts there was a tap on the arm.  A wicked smile “again please” and she handed my the little vinyl bag just like before.  Again I stood up. Now well into the flight there was a short line at the lavatories at the back of the plane.  No sooner than one person came out another got in line. Meaning there were two people behind me before I even got into the bathroom.

Again I double and triple checked the door to make sure it was locked.  Then removed the bag my wife had given me.  In with the first baggie I had cum into was another one with lube, another wet wipe and new new note encouraging me to “Get it up, keep it up and do just as before.  One last check of the door and the seconds since entering to that moment felt like minutes.   Unbuttoning my pants, lowering my underwear and beginning to stroke my dick to erection .

Once hard I added lube and continued to jerk off as instructed this time with a firm grip and a steady pace, eventually the thoughts of the other waiting outside began to fade and the focus on my own pleasure, need to cum again after 10 days of chastity and denial, and how Marci had mercilessly teased me during that time, stroking my balls, pegging my ass, all while my cock strained against its cage too me to the edge of an orgasm.

My hand quickened at the other positioned the clear baggie at the tip of my cock as cum shot into it.  Not as forceful as the first load an hour earlier.  Still With a ragged breath and wanting to please her proper attention was taken to milk every possible drop from balls to head before sealing it.  Wiping off with the towelette, the dressing, my dick still half hard but slightly sore from the rapid drive to complete my task.  Not that I’m complaining about getting to cum.  I did that odd shuffle past two women waiting for the rest room.  My cheeks perhaps flush from the exertion, and made even a bit redder as I wondered if they could have possibly heard me masturbating, or at the very least my ragged breath as I did.

As I re-buckled the seatbelt my wife just smiled at me as she took the small pouch hiding two baggies with my jis in them.

“Were you a good boy?” she asked quiet by playfully as she peeked into the pouch.  “Oh you were.  I’m so pleased”   Our flight continued as most of us stared mindlessly at the inflight entertainment.

One hour from landing with the other passengers a mix between restless and sound asleep Marci returned from the restroom as I stood to let her sit back down she whispered in my ear “take this and get back there and tug on your cock until it’s raw if you have to but you know what to do. And If I’m not satisfied we’ll have to try again.”  With that she reached in, pulled out the now well known striped bag.  “And no tucking it in your pocket this time”.

There I was again, in  a locked airplane restroom, my pants unbuttoned and unzipped, lowered to my knees, my cock pulled out of my underwear, which too would soon be at my knees.  Standing there stroking my dick after being ordered by my wife to mastubate for the third time this flight,the third time in under three hours.

The zipper on the bag revealed a third clear plastic baggie, next to the two I had already cum into. Wet wipe but this time there was no lube, not a drop anywhere.  I checked and checked again.  No suck luck   For a second or two i debated what to do before placing saliva on my hand and willing my cock to harden.   I was sore already, not raw but sore none the less from my first two releases.

Eventually enough saliva mixed with so residual lube left on me from earlier and the friction began to feel smoother, less like it was skin on skin with nothing inbetween.   I stiffened more as I replayed her words, her instructions and the chastisement to not disappoint her.

This was going to be a challenge, sure with A few lurid thoughts there was no doubt I could produce a modest orgasm in such a short time.  A few drops that more slid rather than shot out of my dick.   That however was not the instruction a=and as my hand slid up and down my dick, an orgasm not really anywhere near by I retreated to the things that always make me cum, being spanked by my wife.  By Ma’am, of being exposed to others who then have get to see my “punishments”.

While exciting the general thoughts, the ones that had gotten me into trouble and caused me to mastubate without persiom kept me hard but didn’t make me cum.   I paused spit into my palm again and then remembered the humiliation of having to confess to masturbating earlier that day without permission after having a weak orgasm with my wife.  She knew instantly but made me say it.

My hand pumped away and my ass tightened at the beating I got with the paddle as the first part of my punishment, it had left me bruised and sore.  How I was then locked in a cock cage for 10 days. Not only unable to cum but unable to become fully erect and how my cock would stain against the cage as when teased my balls, how she spanked me otk with her hairbrush on my already bruised button and told me this is what happens to naughty boys, they get punished.

It was those thoughts of the previous ten days that got me to the point of orgasm that third time, UNlike the first time as I neared I held out with purpose, with control and intent.  My hand and my diuck all but dry but not caring.  I could feel the ridge around the head of my cock starting to rub raw and chafe.  Still I let my release build until it was no longer an option.

A third load in in under three hours erupted from my dick, My ass clenched, a deep ache from the breathing still hiding there caused me to cum even more.  Hand still furiously working my cock through four hard pulses and a few fleeting ones.

Like before the routine was repeated and ended with me returning to my seat and handing the bag back to her.  She peered in, smiled and sat silently for the remainder of the flight.  Not a hint of reward or pleasure, not a sign of displeasure she just sat silently.

As for me I had joined the mile high club on three separate occasions that day.  Sure it was all self love but have to admit being forced to jerk off allowed me a much needed release, and by the end pushed my own limits.  It was a great way to go into what should be a really wonderful weekend..

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