Maintenance Day Ritual

Maintenance Day Ritual

We are not a high protocol couple. Yet on occasion there is some ritualistic elements to specific scenes and days.  Birthday Spankings are of course a thing for us.

We have also established what is referred to as “maintenance day”.  Which is typically one Saturday a month when any number of things get maintained. This includes my grooming. But we’ll get to that.

I woke up before the alarm and laid in bed waiting for my wife to wake up.  Once she had i kissed her good morning, i had planned to slip into a robe and go to the kitchen to make her coffee.

She had different ideas and instructed me to use the bathroom and then return and present her with medium butt plug and lube.  I did as i was told, admittedly a little excited upon my return to her.  She stroked my cock until it was had and the had me bend over the bed.  She slid the black silicon butt plug with just a little lubricant into my bottom.

“Edge yourself for me. But don’t make a sound.”  she put a few drops of sliquid on the head of my penis and being a good husband did as my wife had told me. Stroking my cock with long, slow strokes and a light grip.

My ass clenched around the butt plug, my cock hardened and my orgasm began to build. I continued on until the next stroke or two would force me to cum and disobey her. And then i stopped.  Stood there and looked into her eyes.

“Did you almost cum?” she asked. I nodded.

“Were you very close to the orgasming?” acknowledging i was only a few tugs on my cock away before I would not have been able to help myself.  She indicated her approval then had me turn around and lean forward.

Buzz it went at first catching me by surprise.  She had added a bullet vibe to the plug i had brought her. My wife sent me away to get her coffee naked, erect, and with the butt plug buzzing at full force in my ass.   Talk about an arousing and distracting morning.  And we were just getting started.

After providing her with naked coffee service it was time to shower and get ready for the day.   Marci invited me to help her disrobe and then to join her in the shower.  I washed her from head to toe. Massaging her feet from in my knees with her standing over me and water from the shower pouring off her body and onto mine.

Then up her legs where i would be invited to lick her pussy for a few moments.  While eating her is something i enjoy the shower stole her taste and texture.  Still i have no complaints.

She stepped back, turned around and offered me her ass.  I washed it thoroughly and enthusiastically and upon rinsing her clean she would lean forward elbows on the shower wall, ass cheeks spread, and in a moment pressed into my face. Water still cascading over us i knelt there and rimmed her.  Purrs and moans of delight escaped her mouth. The first sounds of pleasure she had made that morning.

She reached down and edged herself toward orgasm. My tongue on her ass, her hand toying with her clit then ro the opening to her vagina and back.  She bucked back into me hard. Her legs quivered and then with one last heave took a deep breath and stepped away from me.   I would finish washing her and end with a 5 minute scalp massage.

Soon after i’d be left alone in the shower to wash myself, then dry off and get dressed.   Our next stop was the salon. A hair cut for me. A facial for her.  Then onto the wax center.   Both Marci and Ma’am like me groomed short with my genitals and bottom  smooth. This is the real reason we call it “maintenance day”

i get waxed once a month and sometimes shave as a touch up in between. I do like how i look and feel after being waxed.  Today was something new for me. My wife had asked the clinician to wax me completely.

So rather than a smooth shaft and balls all of my pubic hair was removed.  It is a hardwax which based on other experiences hurts less and gives a much better result. While not terrible, certainly not a forgettable sensation or experience either.

Now with our maintenance day ritual out of the way it was off to a light lunch and then resting up before heading out to a play party with friends that night. No doubt the new smooth me would be put on display at some point in the evening. The only other questions left would for whom and in what way.  The possibilities excited and scared me.

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