wooden spoon spanking survivor

Wooden Spoon Spanking Survivor

Wooden Spoon Spanking Survivor

It seems that the “wooden spoon survivor” meme is making its way far beyond the spanking community as images similar to the one included here are showing up in vanilla timelines.  It’s not surprising since I can’t think of anyone i know who was spanked growing up who didn’t get it from their mom with a spoons keeping in line with that I too am a wood spoon survivor.  There wasn’t much that was in mom’s reach that didn’t get used to spank my bottom growing up but the wooden spoon across my bare butt in the kitchen was a familiar and frequent experience.

When I was smaller usually it was over her knee for my whoop’in with the wooden spoon. Standing there, pants and underwear yanked down unceremoniously as I’d be lifted across her lap. pinned into place and the spanking would instantly begin.   Take too long getting home after getting off the bus, come in on a cold day with your coat unzipped it was all but instant.   She’d be standing there waiting with that wooden spoon in hand when you walked through the door.   Coats would get hung up and then my ”redden my rear end” as her favorite saying went.

A minor squabble in the backyard, living room, or just about anywhere when she was in the kitchen we’d hear “ Will (and any number of others) get in here right now.”   Odds are one or more of us would be getting spanked with that wooden spoon.  The only saving grace is it might not be to tears if there were friends with us.  Then again that was not exactly a guarantee.    The others would stand there and watch and probably wait their turn to get it with the wooden spoon.

In fact thinking about this it was the wooden spoon that was used on my bottom probably more than anything other than a hand.  I had several of them cracked into pieces over my butt and all that meant was she’d get another one and i’d get extra for “breaking her spoon”    as you’ll learn here spanking was part of everyday life, mom was a spanker and usually felt the best way to make her point was by making our butts hurt and our bottoms red.   I couldn’t tell you how many times the wooden spoon was used on me but I’m absolutely sure I too can claim to be a wooden spoon spanking survivor if not a charter member of that club.

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