My First Spanking Memory – 2 Spankings for a Temper Tantrum

My First Spanking Memory – 2 Spankings for a Temper Tantrum

Can you remember your first spanking?  I’m sure i had my bottom smacked well before this but this is the first time I remember being spanked.  in part probably because it is a story that got told as part of family life as i got a little older.

Who knows what led to the first spanking but apparently after Mom spanked me I was put in my room.   It seems that i objected to this and kept yelling and screaming and coming back out.   This part i do have a vague memory. I was probably 4 or so at the time as i remember where we were living.  A few more smacks and I was put back in my room.  Being a stubborn naughty little boy moments later apparently I started acting up again.  I was on her last nerve, she was angry and upset and I remember her crying.  She went to her room and closed the door.

I stood outside of it and pounded on it, yelling and screaming and crying for what i recall as an eternity.   Finally when she opened it I was taken into her bedroom. A place i typically wasn’t allowed.  Given a lecture about respect and then spanked with the hairbrush over her knee.

I’ve always remembered the yelling in my room, outside her door, and being spanked in her room.  It is my first spanking memory, granted the first of many.   Years later when she would tell the story of how horribly behaved I was on that day and as a young child in general she’s add to it how she never planned to beat my bottom bright red so much but sometimes it is the only way naughty little boys learn.  Then she’d add in “no matter how much you spanked him sometimes once wasn’t enough and he’d need a reddened rear end again in no time at all.  Being spanked more than once for something became a common occurrence…once to make sure you knew you were in trouble and then later at an appointed time was when you’d really get it.  Not that the first spanking didn’t hurt.

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