Thawing a Frozen Bottom – A Spanking Aunt

Thawing a Frozen Bottom

Very few days are as much fun for a kid as a snow day.   After one of those wonderful days nothing makes one more memorable than having your bottom whipped with a belt moments after you come inside.

The sun had faded and the last runs of the day were taken.   My cousins and I made out way back to their house having lost all track of time.  But what did it matter or so i thought the next day was Saturday which was sure to hold even more winter time fun.

The minute we walked into the house my aunt greeted us with a look that said we were in trouble.  We were to go around back, take our boots off in the mud room  and put our snow clothes directly into the dyer and “wait for her”.  That should have been the clue that our fate was already sealed and her kids knew it but I missed that clue.

Moments after we got inside Aunt Denise entered the room with a thick leather belt in hand.   it was right then that i knew what was coming.,  I had heard tales about “that belt”  and could feel the panic inside and the knots in my stomach starting.  She had spanked me before and always meant business.  she spanked just like Mom with intensity and a very sore bottom as the intended result but she had never whipped me with the belt.

“You clothes are wet! Get them off and put them in the dryer too!”  Everyone hustled as the grabbed the oldest and had him face the wall.  We knew what was going to happen it was just a question of how.   The she lined the rest of us up from oldest to youngest before pulling won our underwear.   The oldest got it first, you could hear each spank of the strap whipping against his bare bottom without pause or mercy until well after he started to cry.  It became very clear by the time she got to the second oldest we were lined up and strapped until tears and then some.  No one was counting the room was filled with sobbing. by the oldest who had already been whipped, his brother who was getting it and the youngest who was shaking as he waited his turn.

I was next and the belt lit into my frozen bottom.   If you’ve never been spanked on an ice cold bottom it bites and stings differently if not more than a usually whipping.  I tried no to move.  I tried not to cry but eventually the belt had thawed my frozen rear end and turned it into a blazing red fire.   I sobbed and finally she stopped having thoroughly scorched my bare butt.   I don’t remember the next two getting it.  I was far too focused on my beat red bottom and equally terrified that mom would find out I had been spanked and would get it again from her with the board even harder when I got home.

Eventually all of us were sent off to get ready for bed still sobbing with very hot bottoms.  Not that it was anything new for any of us. As surely you know by now getting our butts beat was a very common occurrence.

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