Chapter 1 Getting Ready for the Evening

Chapter 1 Getting Ready for the Evening

Jack and Emma – How the Spankings started

How did the spanking start?  Like a lot of people who enjoy these things they started in the bedroom one night during foreplay they began like a lot of couple experimenting with spanking. Little pats, slaps and spank. Emma however took to spanking play in a way she would have never imagined.  Though it didn’t work quite as Jack probably had imagined when the topic first came up. The roles were reversed. She was the giver and he was the one who was getting a bare bottom paddling across her lap.

There was a power and control that simply made her hot anytime she was spanking him or even thought about it.  So while it may not have been what Jack originally had in mind as a form of play that always at least in the beginning and never failed to lead to some very hot sex with her during or after his spanking was done.  All in all what was a bare bottom paddling in terms of a price to pay for the other rewards she offered.  Soon enough though their play began to take on a life of its own and their fantasies grew.


Getting Ready for the Evening

Jack knew that Emma had made special plans for them this weekend.   He and his girlfriend had a wild life by many comparisons and indulged in a variety of fun pastimes of a sexual nature.   After only a short time together the couple had ventured into the world of swinging which while not ever perfect catered to Jack’s and to some extent Emma’s exhibitionist streaks.  Jack loved being the center of attention and the center of a group of women’s attention was best of all.

“So what’s the plan for tonight”  Jack asked somewhat impatiently as they drove away to begin their date.

“Aren’t you a nosey little boy” Emma snapped back going into strong woman mode not about to indulge him pestering her about their plans.

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