Naked corner time in preparation for a spanking by ma’am

Naked corner time in preparation for a spanking by ma’am

I arrived at Ma’am’s office just before six.  Actually i was only a block away at 5:30, drove to the parking lot outside her building by 5:40 and walked in the front door a few seconds before 5:45.  Being late was not something that simply couldn’t happen. This was a punishment session for me and i had scheduled her precious time and had every intention of respecting that.

The Shelly at the front greeted me with a warm smile and by name. Quickly informing me that Ma’am had already been notified of my arrival.

Now i had been waiting for days to make the drive across town to see her. That day had taken my best efforts to stay focused on the tasks at hand. You know that feeling you get when you know you are going to be spanked. Well the build up of anticipation, dread, and excitement had been there but not until walking through the front door did my stomach tie itself in knots.  Now the waiting had begun in earnest as I sat there in the nicely appointed lobby looking every bit a professional but feeling like a naughty school boy waiting for the principal.

After 25 agonizing minutes of imagining my punishment and making deals with my self on how to avoid such things in the future someone was sent to fetch me.  They made small talk as they led me past rows of desks whose occupants  had gone for the day as they led me back to ma’am’s office.

She greeted me with a warm smile and subtle grin.  No one suspected that we were more than friends.  We sat and chatted for a few minutes as employees came by to say good night. Her office door open like it would be most of the time.

“Let’s move to the table” she said nodding to the round table with 4 chairs to the right of her doorway.  Making my way in that direction she closed the door.  “Strip mister. And i mean every last stich” her voice very firm and unwavering. “Fold all your clothes neatly and place them on the table.” i had already begun to follow her instructions. “Then you will being your naughty bottom over here to me BEFORE you begin your naked corner time”

She stood watching me strip. When i was with ma’am for a spanking it always included a bare bottom.  Punishments which this was started with a bare butt. But it was rare to be completely naked in front of her.  Remember that sense of dread and fear oh it was still there but i was also pretty turned on.  A fact that you can’t exactly hide standing naked in front of a fully clothed woman.

The last if my clothes folded and placed neatly on the table i took the six or so steps and shamefully stood there naked in front of her.  Silence; it seemed like minutes as the thoughts raced through my head. “And now tell me why you are here and why your naughty bottom is going be get beat.”

She already knew why but making me confess in front of her was something she enjoyed. It turns me even on my best days into a stumbling awkward boy again.

“I didn’t log my meals on the fitness application on my phone like I’m supposed to.”  there i had said it.

“How many meals did you forget to log?”

I swallowed hard this line of questioning didn’t bode well for my yet to be spanked butt.

“Five” the answer tentative, i avoided her gaze hoping she would leave it at that.

“Five meals?”

I knew she’d check the app so any hopes of lying and getting my away with it evaporated.

“No ma’am five days ” she was displeased. Her body language said it all.

“Is that all?” ma’am asked eyeing me with that all knowing piercing look of hers.

“No ma’am i didn’t follow my diet those days”

Her tone changed “we’ll continue this conversation after you have had some naked corner time. Get your nose in THAT corner RIGHT NOW.” her hand smacked my ass as i darted into place. Nose in the corner. My round belly touching as well the wall paper scratched not unpleasantly but in a noticeable way.

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