Birthday Spanking Stripped and Striped with the Cane

Birthday Spanking Stripped and Striped with the Cane

Birthday Spanking, Caned Naked, Bare Bottom Striped with the Cane

It’s that exciting time of the year again.  Birthday spankings have been a tradition for several years now and this year there will be at least three of them coming my way but more about that in the coming posts.   Here’s how the first birthday spanking where my bare bottom was striped with the cane went.

Arriving as scheduled but with no idea what was in store for me other than a Birthday spanking after quick hello’s the instructions to go to the den and strip came.   So off I went still with no idea of what Ma’am had in mind but knowing it would be something memorable.   A few minutes later she rejoined me having changed from her jeans and T shirt to a very formal look.  and carrying three canes.

“Bend over the desk right now young man.   This will be a birthday you won’t soon forget.”  Of course i did as i was told and only after getting into position was informed there would be no warm up.  I’d be getting 15 hard strokes on my bare bottom that would leave me with cane stripes from the top of my butt to the top of my thighs.   There was no doubt that i’d be remembering every string red welt as she striped my ass. and then she would give me 5 more licks as a bonus in a “special position”.  Ma’am not only knows how to spank she knows how to tease and get inside your head.

The first one bit and stung, but 15 cane strokes in and my Bare bottom was striped with the cane but nothing like it was going to be.  The next cane was longer and thicker.  It also seemed Ma’am had upped the intensity as she worked downward toward the fleshier parts of my bared bottom.  Then she changed her aim and put the last four licks with that wicked implement across the back of my upper thighs.  Angry red welts rose with each stroke and I hissed through my teeth as she continued my birthday spanking.

Two down and one cane left to go.  The next one was an acrylic senior cane and the thing left me gasping, panting and truly close to the edge of tears.  Each stroke seemed to hurt more than the last.  this was not a playful birthday spanking. It was a hard caning.  I knew she wouldn’t go light on me but having stripped and having my bare bottom striped with the cane had pushed me so close to the edge.   Still bent over the desk my butt on fire. legs shaking, and red welt still coming into bloom on what not long before had been a pale unmarked white bottom.

“When you’re ready and collect yourself you still have you 5 special licks coming”.   I muttered yes “ma’am”

“You need to be face down in the center of the room with your well beaten ass up in the air”

It took a few minutes before i stood up and slowly moved to the middle of the den.   Kneeling down, then on all fours then finally resigning myself to what she had planned placed my face and chest to the floor..  My striped bare bottom in the air.  Suddenly the pain mixed with the humiliation and sense of arousal at being so exposed and vulnerable to her.   So far I had stripped and had my bottom striped with 3 different canes.  Now I was waiting for the last five licks with whatever she planned to continue my beating with.

After indicating I was ready the first whap of a heavy flogger covered my entire exposed bottom.  The thud a delicious contrast to the cane she had used on me.   The next just as delightful.   and so it went for three more strokes the heavy flogger and it’s heavy falls landing across my entire bottom with a reassuring and nearly sensual heavy thud.   It was a wonderful ending to a painful ordeal and a birthday spanking I won’t soon forget.

So now it’s two days later and the marks are fading.   I have another birthday spanking coming this weekend from Marci and then a third has been arranged for me that I know about other than it is “Scheduled”.  Unlike a lot of birthday spankings the number of strokes actually had no direct correlation with my age.   It simply worked out that all the canes got used the same amount.   Ma’am sent me home with the canes as a gift which were an acrylic set she purchased at CaneIac in case you’re interested.

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