Bare Bottom Paddling – Birthday Spanking #2

Bare Bottom Paddling – Birthday Spanking #2

This Saturday was my second birthday spanking of the year.  You can read about Stripped and Striped with the cane which was the first and the one I got from Ma’am.  My second one was as expected delivered by my lovely wife Marci.

I knew this past Saturday night would be the chosen time for my birthday spanking from Marci.  We rarely play hard as our games even when they are pretend discipline tend to have a strong sexual over tone to it.  That doesn’t mean it’s not a hard, and sometimes painful spanking. Marci beats my bottom like no other.  Yet there are times when it is lighter and just play or foreplay.

There is nothing like a good build up to a spanking and Marci definitely delivered leaving a letter on the table with instructions for me to follow prior to the appointed time at 7:00pm.  I did my best to wait patiently, not bring it up and in general behave.   All but a few marks had faded from my caning so my white bottom was a blank canvas for marci to do with as she pleased.   Just the thought of it turned me on incredibly.

So FINALLY it was time.  I’d not seen her in a while/  As I entered the room the kitchen was brightly lit and Marci was waiting for me in black lingerie, stockings and heels.  If I hadn’t been turned on already this was enough to put me into overdrive.  Of course she didn’t acknowledge me right away and after a glance or two , going back about her business. A few minutes later she came towards me holding my gaze as I watched her walk. She pulled a chair away from the table, sat down and without any prompting of course i was right there next to her.

She rubbed my cock while talking about  how she was going to give me a birthday spanking.  describing what she was going to do to me in very specific detail all while teasing me with her hand ending with “and there will be a few special surprises for you too. Soon my pants were unbuttoned, all while she teased, then the were lowered. She continued to tell me how she was going to take me over her lap for warm up. then a old fashioned bare bottom paddling.

She kept rubbing my cock, then lowered my boxers to to reveal it, and my freshly shaved pubes. Smooth and hairless just like her instructions had said.   her hand meeting my flesh for the first time as Marci made sure I hadn’t missed a spot.   It was as smooth as it could be.  Next i removed the pants and boxers and my shirt.   Standing there by her side again she kept teasing my hard cock with soft slow strokes.  I already wanted to explode.   Marci enjoyed turning me on, she enjoyed toying with me, and she loved making me wait to orgasm.

She got up to get her purse, watching her walk in that black g string had my mind anywhere but on my birthday spanking.   And her cleavage as she came back towards me.  I loved her breasts and imagined the pleasure we’d both get from my mouth on them later in the evening.

She handed me her purse, sat back down, stroked my cock a few more times, slid her hands a little lower. then reached into her bag and took out a small wooden paddle we’ve had forever, a big flat hair brush I’d never seen before and a very square small a plastic paddle.  Laying them out on the table one by one, looking at me, smiling, rubbing the next one against my cock and then continuing.

“Is the birthday boy ready for his bare bottom paddling?” she asked but not waiting for an answer began to take me over her knee suing her hand to guide my hard on between her stocking clad thighs.  As i settled into place she closed her legs around it tightly.

She began patting my bare bottom, slowly and softly. more affectionately than anything. A pat, a rub, a few pats.  This went of for a little while and the pats became firmer and firmer until eventually they turned into spanks, slow, well spaced patient smacks as my bottom started to warm ever so slightly.

“A nice shade of pink.  Are you enjoying this?” but before I could answer a hard spank with the paddle came down on my right cheek.

“It may be your birthday but you’re a bad boy who is going go get a nice long bare bottom paddling”  The swats of the paddle on my nicely warmed up bare bottom weren’t too hard, or too quick. each time the wood met my now reddening butt she let the board sit on the spot it had just landed. the sting to spread before raising her hand to give me another whack.  I started to squirm just a little and my cock still between her legs added a pleasurable sensation.

“Oh so the dirty little pervert wants to hump my thighs?  I knew you were a bad boy which is exactly why i bought this hair brush. A little present for your bare bottom paddling. Oh and it  is going to sting like mad and set your naughty bottom on fire”

The first smack with that brush set the tone it did sting, and after she had spanked every inch of my reddening bottom slow sound and firmly she began to spank my poor cheeks even harder.  The hairbrush was slappy with a crisp sting.  I did my best to take it and enjoy the rhythm and the pain.

Soon enough she had me squirming on her lap and taking pleasure in my growing discomfort.  My cock still erect and moving against her stocking and tightly closed thighs mixing the pleasure of that sensation which quickened the hard and faster she beat my butt  with the building sting on my now well spanked bottom.

She had me stand up, rubbed my cock teasingly some more to make sure i was still hard. then inspected my bottom. giving me hand spanks on spots that looked particularly sore as she told me how I was starting to bruise.  She still looked so hot and i knew there was more fun to some so there was in my mind at least the matter of taking the last of my bare bottom paddling with that wicked plastic paddle that was on the table just waiting to be used on my beat red butt.

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