Licks and Tugs – Playing with Edging

So it’s been a while but we finally played again a few times recently to spice things up again plus give something new a try.  Mixing a good bare bottom paddling with a healthy dose of cock teasing and orgasm denial.

While not completely new to us we decided to give Edging a real try.  In case you’re not familiar edging is more or less taking a person to the point right before orgasm and then stopping. More or less a hand job with out the finish.  In reading about it the practice is typically associated with female dominance and at least in theory teaching the man not cum unless allowed.   While we weren’t sure about the reality of that the one thing that has always been true is that a good hard spanking or a good tease leads to a great orgasm.

So our flavor of things it was  mix of both those things. First a series of swats, a brief pause and then some handy work on my cock with the intention of repeating it until one of us was worn out. Most likely though it would be me.

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