Considering the Cane

As we talked about implements and implements we might like to try over the years I’ve always said no to the the idea of being spanked with a cane.   Something about it traditionally just didn’t appeal to me.   Recently though I’ve reconsidered that line of thought and we’ve begun discussing adding one or two to our collection of spanking toys.

I like a good hard paddling and bruising is not an issue.   I do have an affinity for a standing bared bottom position when taking a particularly good spanking but what put the idea over the top was the recent naughty school boy scene we did.   A cane would have been a new a different dynamic for us.  and there you have it what led me to considering the cane.  I’m willing to try it if she’s willing to provide a lengthy warm up.   Now the only question is  will we like it and how many stripes will show up on my ass.

Time to do a bit of serious research and an a little online shopping in the coming days.

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