After Thoughts and After Care – The Week Long Wait Wrap Up

While our game ended a two nights ago it only seems right to close things out.  In a lot of ways it was an adventure for us.  It’s not a pure spanko type post but rather the summation of our recent activities in retrospect.  Yes we’ve played spanking games before.   Yes I do love it when my wife smacks my butt and as I’ve said before typically there is a close link to our play and our sex lives.  All the scenes with the lack of other intimacy was both frustrating and exciting for me at time.  So in this case the week was a lot more spanking than usual and a lot less (or no) sex.  It was all worth it in the end.  Here’s a few things that have come up since it concluded.

1) She felt it gave her the chance to create scenes we normally wouldn’t do.  For example playing dominatrix.  It was a fun change of pace and the nature of the game made her feel it was safe to pretend to be something different that she doesn’t identify as let alone in the confines of our relationship.  Like wise she felt it was safe to have me play a submissive part rather then straight bottom role.   I enjoyed it, thought she looked sexy and while I may never would have come up with that one (or the witch) they made the week even more memorable.

2) While I was tempted to cum I didn’t.  It was part of the build up for me and that tension and need for release kept me on edge and all but running a count down until Friday night.   The long term chastity thing was clearly determined not to be a dynamic either of us is interested in but that some more flirting and teasing just as a part of day to day life does have an appeal.   That one will clearly be a two way street going forward.

3) She admitted that she masturbated “much” more often than usual.  In part because its rare we’re together and go more than a few days with out having sex but also because there was always the undertone of the next time we’d play in the back of her mind. 

4) Pictures and Videos – We didn’t take a single shot or a second of video, after the fact we wish we had if for no other reason than to add it to our own collection.   It’s something we’ve drifted away from in the past few years and might start doing a little more of.

5) Would more be better.   We play by ourselves but the thought of having another parson for parts of it crossed her mind.  She had no idea who or how i would have reacted.  The idea came to mind very early in the week when she was planning the school paddling scene and having another person there as a witness or even to play the Principal role.  This one will definitely lead to more discussions.

6) Implements – the were all pretty much tried and true with the exception if the crop Friday night.  That was a new one to us but worked well both in adding a new element and around a well punished bottom from the week’s activities.   We both agreed that a few more new things would have spiced it up a little more since everyone feels and handles a little different.  I admitted to really giving consideration to being caned for the first time.  I’ll have a different post on this one sometime shortly

7) Should we go to a spanking party?  New ground for us, would we switch?  would we play with others?  still a lot to be thought about before any decisions are made. 

Yesterday was filled with wonderful time together and even more sex than usual but no spanking play which after such a week was just fine.  Orgasms and intimacy is just another great form of aftercare.

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