The Naughty School Boy & The Principal’s Paddle – The Week Long Wait Spanking Game

Thursday Night’s Game

Thursday afternoon I got an appointment update for our scheduled time that evening that told me to look inside a specific pocket of my brief case for further instructions.  I found a lovely note instructing me on what to wear, where in the house to be and when along with a short list of my “offenses” to date.   Both of us have in the past shared conversations about discipline growing up, the prevalence of paddling in our schools.  Rightly or wrongly it was certainly created a spark for the basis for our interests today.  With that in mind there was no doubt where this was headed as I had been summoned to the “Principal’s Office” as the letter said for my punishment.

This had all the elements of excitement and a touch of nervousness as the the end of the day drew near.   It’s not like I didn’t expect us to play last night but knowing i was going to almost certainly going to be given a good school style paddling kept the mind racing.  The possibilities were almost over whelming as to what she had in mind and the only thing I could do was wait to find out.

When I got home and scurried to be bedroom to change in the required, gray slacks, to go with a white dress shirt, tie , and blazer I couldn’t help but glimpse at the chair sitting in the hallway outside the door. the excitement was really starting to build along with those butter flies in the stomach that no matter how many times you’ve been through this always seem to keep coming back.   I found myself sitting on the chair outside the door even a few minutes before I had been told to.   And I waited, and I waited, and then the door next to me began to open.  I thought she wasn’t home, i had no clue she was in there waiting for me.  The sneaky woman had parked down the street so I wouldn’t know she was there.

I was invited in and told to take a seat in front of the desk which I did quickly and quietly.  My offenses were read back to me.

1) Looking at pornographic material
2) Watching videos of men and women being spanked
3) Being a horny pervert
4) Very poor handwriting on an assignment (Her rules list when we started the game was mentioned)
5)  Then she added failing to bring my punishment slip to the office (should have seen that one coming)

And then she added one one more.  Failing to make a required blog post. Yesterday just was too busy and I didn’t put up my typical Wednesday post.

After a stern lecture about the first 3 all of which were true and some of which she had a hand in encouraging this week in particular. Even though we were playing I decided not to protest it’s just not my style. She decided I would get s swats for each a piece for the first five items and 5 more for failing to put up the weekly post.

I said I understood playing right along and loving every second of it but she had something else in mind.  What’s so often worse than the butt whipping whether its play or for real.? The wait! I waited all day, I waited even more excitedly much of the late afternoon.  I sat outside the office door trying to contain myself and now she was sending me back out in the hall to sit on that chair and wait some more.

She made a few calls, came and went from downstairs to upstairs and back again a few times just grinning at me as she passed.  I didn’t know if it was 20 minutes of an hour but it felt like forever. Finally she went back into the office and a few moments later came and “asked” me to join her in the office again.   My heart raced, my stomach sank as I stood.   I stepped in and just like in the real Principal’s office years ago she closed the door behind me as she asked me to have a seat.  On her desk was a note book and the board she was going to beat my butt with.  She reviewed my “punishment” with me once again. 

“You’re going to be given 15 swats do you understand?”  How I was going to be positioned and at the very end reminded me how much it was going to have to hurt to help me behave.  She was playing the part to a T.

After which she had me sign the “punishment book” she had made up an placed on the desk and then instructed me to move the chair to the side, remove the blazer, and stand in front of her desk.   Silence then filled the room before instructing me to get into position, hands on the top, arms straight, bent slightly and backside pushed out.

Finally approving of my posture she walked over picked up her paddle  and stood next to me.  A few taps to zero in on her aim. and then she asked “are you ready?”   I chocked out an excited yes.  I was ready for a lot of things but the first swat landed with no warning after my reply and instantly the message was received that we were playing hard tonight. “one” she counted as my already abused bottom from all the other scenes this week felt like it burst into flames.  Waiting a good 45 seconds before landing the next one. All the rest followed in a similar interval  she was swinging hard and then letting every single swat with of her paddle be fully realized before applying the next.

Shortly after the 15th one was landed I was told I could stand up and go back about my business.   No sooner than I left the room she came bounding after me a clear indication that the scene was over as we headed off to inspect my thoroughly torched backside together.  The bulls eyes on my flesh were very obvious even though I had pants and boxers on for the spanking.  I have to hand it to her she committed to the role and stuck with it.  She might have been able to swing harder but in truth she she didn’t need to it was as much a good hard paddling as I can remember in recent years.   We’re usually not such heavy players, despite this game spanking is a form of foreplay and sex for us usually but with in the confines of our game this seemed to fit. As we talked about the experience and the scene she teased my cock through my boxers with a very light touch every now and then.  Today I’m the proud owner of some dark bruises and an assortment of other marks but nothing too epic.  I can feel the soreness both on the surface and deep in the muscle.

Friday Morning 

Much like the day before there was no play just a few passing spanks and a “Just wait until tonight” type comment.   Believe me I can’t wait until tonight,  I’ve been waiting all week.

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