Whipped by a Witch – Weeklong Wait Spanking Game

Wednesday Night

Last night being Halloween and all I went into the evening knowing I’d spend it with her and that we had a few neighborhood social obligations but other than that once again had no clue what she had in mind in terms of our little game.  Our costumes were planned quite a while ago and weren’t anything along the lines of sexy of playful.   When I got home and scurried upstairs to get dressed for the night she was already there and soon after my entry “let’s get this over with before people start showing up.  Get the paddle from the night stand, and get your bare bottom across my lap”.

I did as i was told hurried and got the small otk paddle we keep in the night stand and by that time she was sitting waiting for me.  I handed it to her, dropped my pants and went over her lap with out a word.  She adjusted me slightly and then simply began spanking.  After a few minutes of swats but nothing else, not words, not a sound but wood on my butt and probably the occasional gasp from me. I heard ” Put it away and get that red ass of yours dressed we have a busy night”

Yes I had gotten what the terms of our game said i would, I was spanked and my bottom was no doubt red and I could still feel the sting. In truth it was a little disappointing.  After the previous nights role play and nights before that and even the two days we’re there was more or less brief but fun spankings this time we just seemed to be missing that connection.  It seemed to be more something that was being done out of obligation rather than enjoyment.

There was a full evening ahead of of and then wasn’t the time to bring it up so I got ready.  We passed out candy, made a few stops at neighbors parties, and even met a few friends for a drink before heading back home for the night.  Everything was fine, we had fun and sometimes life can just get in the way.  This disappointment from earlier long since gone.  She headed up to get ready for bed and I took care of a few other things before getting ready to turn in myself.

At the top of the stairs I was greeted by her in what can only be described as a sexy witch costume.  Striped stockings, tight bodice, short little skirt adorned with tulle, and to top it off matching sparkly make up and a pointy hat.

She led me to the extra guest room that really never gets used.  It was dimly lit with a colored bulb and a few candles from the night before, she had a few decorations strewn about, a plastic cauldron with fog seeping out of it, a plastic black cat and a few other decorations strewn about.  She helped me out of my costume and then some, all along the way telling me in great detail what she had in store for me.  Which began with me over a sofa table she dragged from the hall way into the room.   It had a lovely view of a chaise lounge in which she used to recline on and do a little tease routine on.  Before removing the braided leather belt from my pants and whip my butt with it for a while.   Unlike earlier the connection was there, she wasn’t rushed, and was beautifully taunting and playful all along the way changing from the belt, to her hand, to a leather paddle and back again.  She spanked me in the leisurely pace I’d come to enjoy, nothing too hard, nothing too fast and then tease both me and herself until the very end when she decided to leave me in position to watch her “use her magic wand” for a while and when finished decided to hold against my testicles to excite me, and then crisply smack my ass with a hand or paddle.

Thursday Morning 
No spanking play to speak of just a swat on the butt and a “I hope you’re not too sore yet because tonight you’re really going to get it good”  followed by a wicked smile and a kiss good bye.  She was dressed in a sharp dark suit with stockings and heels and her hair pulled up.

Once again I’ve spent the day thinking about what’s to come and starting to really get excited about Friday night’s conclusion.

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